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Over 10 Years of Headache and Insomnia Gone in Just Few Sessions!For over 10 years now I’ve had severe migraines, it was so overwhelming to the point that I could not see straight. In those moments nothing could calm the pain. I am a yoga instructor and have tried a lot of other modalities, including meditation and such. And even though my life improved on many level as I started this journey, my headaches still were hunting me. Another challenge I used to have is insomnia. I had a lot of childhood trauma. And as we started processing and releasing my feeling regarding the past my headaches and insomnia started to subside!! I still can’t believe it! Its like a miracle to me. I remember one session, when I had a very strong headache and as we addressed my feelings and emotions around the events  and it completely disappeared! I was pain free in less then 20 min! I also wanted to add that when student is ready the teacher will appear. I was ready and my life completely transformed in just few short weeks. Tapping is an amazing healing tool. I use it every day now and teach it in my yoga class now. I honestly wish everyone would know about this profound and simple way to change your life. Thank you Olga!!!”


Yoga Teacher, Yeisk, Russia

My money mindset is completely transformed.  I am proud to share that I have paying clients now. “I’ve have been tapping with Olga for over six months. I look forward to our weekly sessions. Olga is an attentive listener, a skilled Faster EFT practitioner and a joy to interact with. She has intensive knowledge of the Faster EFT process and is able to get to the root of a “problem”, clear it and flip it. I always feel calm, clear and rejuvenated after our sessions. Among other issues we have addressed my fear and doubts around charging for my services. My money mindset is completely transformed. And I am proud to share that I have quite a few paying clients now. Much love and gratitude to Olga.”

Alexandra M.

Founder of Healing Light Therapy, San Francisco



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