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A few days ago, I got a message from one of the women in our “Tap into Love” .

She asked: ‘Olga, I’ve noticed that I am afraid to feel anger toward my partner… it’s very frustrating…Why do I feel this way? Have you had any experience with this? Thank you!”

This is such a great question…. The truth is very few of us have the ability or liberty to feel (or worse of) express your emotions to your partner in a healthy way.

Chances are feeling angry for many of us = being ugly or mad at someone. Have you ever watched adults get angry at each other and start yelling, being mean or even getting physical? Sad, but true, this is almost a norm in our society.

The good news is: it does not have to be this way. Learning to feel and express your primary emotions might be a new skill for you, but it’s totally learn-able. In the video below, I explain the dynamic behind WHY are we scared to feel the way we feel and offer insight on how to develop healthy skills to experience and share your feelings.

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