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I feel like it’s been like a freakin’ fairytale.. no joke…My relationship with E is so deep and connected, but at the same time light, flirty and effortless. We laugh a lot, play and tease each other all the time. But when it’s time to make big decisions or have a difficult conversation, it’s easier than ever before.

I can see now how my addiction to struggle in the past kept me in relationships that way past their due dates.

If I summarize all I’ve learned from 8 years of my first complicated marriage, I’d say:


I wish I had a mentor who’d pointed me toward some “reality check” in my former relationships.

My hope is to become this person for many women to help them shorten the struggle and the learning curve.

I wanna start by asking “Are YOU sugar coating how bad things really are?” 

Watch the video below to help you gain some clarity.



Let go of what does not serve you.

As you transform within, heal your past and release your false beliefs; your relationships will naturally improve.

If you feel like you could use some guidance in the process or need help clearing fears and worry, I am here to help.

I am opening 3 spots for FIRST TIME clients only at $85 (vs full price $150), as it’s a great way to sample what working with me looks like.

This Faster EFT session is for you, if you need help with one or more of the following:

  • Releasing anxiety and fear of getting hurt in relationships
  • Getting clarity and peace in your current relationships: Should I stay or should I go???
  • Let go of the belief that “there are no good men” left out there
  • Raising your self-esteem and self-confidence when it comes to relationships and dating
  • Clearing subconscious patterns of self sabotage, so it does ruin your present or future relationships

Does this sounds like just what you were looking for? If yes, Hit reply and let me know: Yes, please! I’ll follow up with an email, quick intake and a link to book us up.

Got a question? Ask away, I’ll be happy to answer.

Can’t wait to see you tap into your best relationship ever!

All my love!


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