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I know its a VERY strong statement. And if you never entertain the idea it’s probably sounds really weird and foreign to you.

But, let me ask you this:

  • Have you ever noticed that your relationships dynamic remind you of your family one?
  • Do you catch yourself all of a sudden thinking or acting like your mom (or your dad)?
  • Or may be your partner is starting to act like one of your parents.

This is precisely why over 90% of children of alcoholics will get in relationships with an addict. Logically it does not make any sense, as they first hands know how destructive those relationships are.


But on a deeper level it makes perfect sense: By default we are always going for the FAMILIAR vs. what is truly best for us. The bigger truth is that CHANGE is like DEATH to our subconscious mind.

What the video below where I share my personal experience with this phenomena, as well as, things we can do to avoid the trap.

So if you watched the video, you know which one of my “ parents ” I’ve married.

Hit reply and let me know: which one of your parents do you tend to attract into your life?

And if you are ready for the next step to release unhealthy subconscious patterns you can start with the FREE training I’ve created : “How to change a bad memory with Faster EFT”.

As we go through life, we are being fed millions and millions of memories. That collection of memories forms our belief system, which becomes a road map from which we create our life journey and our reality.

Memories are the most powerful forms of affirmations, as they hold more than just words, they hold pictures, feelings, stories, videos, tastes and smells. The key to change is addressing and changing these memories.

Here is the link to grab the video.


Tap, breath. Be kind to yourself.

Remember: You are loved,




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