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No matter how much you “work on yourself” and “heal your patterns,” you’ll have people in your life who will push your buttons. Whether you are dealing with your annoying ex, an ex of your current partner, your parent, or colleague, or even a neighbor who irritates the crab cakes out of you, you might find today’s episode very helpful.

I often tell my clients (and myself), that EVERYTHING is an opportunity to heal. I also like to be mindful that it’s important to surround yourself with positivity and people who are aligned with who you are. Even though it may sound like a conflicting advice, I clear things up in the video below (video #2 of the series)


Toxic people in your life. Is it better to have no contact?

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P.S. Missed last week’s video? No worries, you can catch it here: Four Things that Helped me Move Past a Toxic Relationship.

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