I like to remind both to myself and my clients, that:

“Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of a fear” ~ Jack Canfield

Do you ever have moments of feeling doubtful and insecure about your relationship and your ability to create a happy love life?

We all do!

So let’s deal with it together today.

When things go wrong in our relationships, we women (myself included) have this tendency to turn it around on ourselves, as if it means something about our abilities or worth. We make up stories that we’re not good enough, don’t deserve love and that we’re not meant to be in a happy partnership, and that we should just give up and settle for a mediocre relationship or just stay single.

It’s sad, because everyone is worthy and deserving of a loving and healthy relationship. And it’s REALLY does not have to be hard or complicated.


Fear of rejection and abandonment, thinking that you’ll repeat old mistakes, resistance to change and doubts about your ability to succeed… Everything you’re experiencing is totally normal.

You might think, that when you actually are in a thriving relationship, all those icky feelings will go away.

“My life will be perfect when I meet the one and get married” or “My life will be perfect when he will {FINALLY} work on our relationship”


Well….. Not really.

The truth is, I feel doubt and fear all the time and I have a very successful, connected and happy relationship with my hubby. Maybe not every day, but those limiting believes will peak their ugly heads once in a while, especially when we are setting bigger goals or growing through conflicts.

Guess what?

I talk to other women who are in happy marriage (like the client I tapped with yesterday) and they still feel doubt and second guessing their “deserving ability” as well.

Here’s a #truthbomb


Danger is real, but fear is a choice.

Notice your fears and ask, how dangerous are REALLY they? Have you heard of the book “Feel your fears and do it anyways?” I have not read it, but I got the message.

The good news is that tapping is the best tool to clear fears. It’s totally normal to feel scared about your love live – but you can’t stay there long!


So today I’ve got some great videos for you on how to address and release those fears:



  1. Fear of being “not good enough” (fear of rejection and abandonment will also go here)
  2. Fear of change/Resistance to change
  3. Fear of failure


When you think about creating your “dream love life” what fears popping up?

  • If I create this love in my life, I’m afraid that…
  • To met a great man, I’ll have to do things I’m scared of like…
  • What’s the very worst thing that could happen if you are in a happy, thriving marriage?
  • “Is it even possible for me to be truly happy with a man?”


Journal or “morningpage” on this and get tapping.

You are worthy and deserving of receiving love and abundance.


All my love,


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