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I’ve been enjoying soo much creating this series and Today we are talking about one of the MOST favorite topics of mine: forgiveness and trust.

Next week is our last episode of the series: Q and A on trust and beyond. I’d love to hear from YOU, what questions do you have? How did you like the series? What new things have you learned/discovered/released? Please REPLY and let me know. YOu opinion trully matter to me.

The 4th episode of my new “Restore your TRUST in men” tapping series in LIVE: The surprising link between forgiveness and trust

Let me ask you:

  • Have you ever been hurt to the point of: I’ll never forgive him!!! (her)?
  • Or felt like: they don’t deserve teh forgiveness for what they did
  • Or may be thinking: It’s all in the past, I have forgiven him, but getting triggered by his picture of facebook or a guy with the same name?

If you are nodding as you read, you are going to LOVE (or possibly hate) today’s episode. One way or another I highly recommend that you set 10 min and tune in.

When people ask me what are the 3 top things that helped me manifest connected and supportive intimate relationships. My answer is: Tapping, Forgiveness and Ability to speak microscopic truth.

I love this topic soo much I did another FB video this summer: Forgiveness vs justice’ and how this impacts our relationships and finances. Plus tapping on ‘resentment = major energy leak. Feel free to check it out.

But today we’ll uncover the connection between forgiveness and trust and what does the unforgiveness truly represent.

In the video below I ‘ll be sharing one of my top fav tapping mantras. I remember I had it on a sticky note on my fridge until I memorized it. I’ve learned it from my very first EFT Master Teacher:

“With love, compassion and understanding I now forgive, I now forgive I now forgive. And I bring all the power back into my body. I am deserving of receiving love and abundance”

So, why is forgiveness so great for relationships? Well, there are thousands reasons I bet, but here are my top three:

  1. Resentment = major energy leak. In the video I explain how it contribute to low self esteem and lack of trust in yourself and others.

2. What does forgiving your parents has to do with your intimate life. Amd why unforgiveness makes us relive unpleasant memories, creating more drama in the present.

3. Unforgiveness brings of what we don’t want in our lives, since that where our subconscious focus is.

Watch the video below, where I unpack these points and lead you through a powerful tapping round to help you leave the past in the past.

Below is the schedule of all the episodes in the series with clickable links, in case you happen to miss one 🙂

“Restore your TRUST in men” the 5 part tapping series

Every Thursday at 2.00 pm CST LIVE on my biz Facebook business page

October the 11th:  Three reasons why restoring your trust in man is a game changer

October the 18th:  How to learn to trust again after being betrayed, lied to or cheated on

October the 25th:  Learning to trust yourself: the key to authentic decision making in relationships.

November, the 1st: Trust and Forgiveness: What are you holding on to?

November, the 8th: Q and A on trust issues and beyond.


Can’t wait to help you tap into your best relationships ever!

All my love,


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