I’ll make this week’s blog short and sweet. I caught a nasty cold and taking it (or rather, learning to take it) slow this week.

But, I wanted to pop into your inbox and share an extraordinary call I had with a client and fellow FEFT practitioner of mine, amazing Nancy Bowron.

This call is part of my group program “Tap into your creativity” based on “The Artist’s Way” book by Julia Cameron. On this particular one, it was just me and Nancy. We are on week 5: “Discovering the sense of Possibility”. We both found this call sooo profound, that Nancy said: “Wow, I need to relisten to this one 4-5 times”, and I said “Oh, my, I need to share this one with everyone I know”. So, with her kind permission, I am sharing it with you today.

Just so you know, the first 20 min or so, we are going over the Artist’s Way material. But starting about min 21, we are getting into some “Not Good enough” vs “I don’t deserve it” beliefs, followed by juicy tapping rounds.


The “Not Good enough” vs “I don’t deserve it” with Nancy Bowron


If you ever felt like the sneaky “Not good enough” syndrome sabotaging your relationship or biz success, you are going to live this call. Just click the link above to watch it.

Enjoy, while I am heading back to bed, bingeing on lots of hot tea, Netflix, sleep and some diamond painting.

All my love,


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