Can you believe it? It’s the end of the decade… This past decade was a big one for me: I had two kids, started two businesses, quit my full-time job (twice), and got married (also twice). I also went through divorce, near bankruptcy, my mom’s cancer and my daughters leukemia (Note: both my mom and daughter have recovered successfully).

Here is my decade at a glance…

2009 – I got married for the first time

2010 – My first daughter was born
2011 – I first learned about EFT
2012 – I’m starting to use EFT in my personal life and my work as a math teacher at my school
2013 – My second daughter was born, I quit my full-time job, and I got certified as an EFT (and later Faster EFT) practitioner. At the same time my ex husband loses his job and since then, for next 3 years, I was a sole provider for the family.
2014 – My mom gets diagnosed with breast cancer
2015 – My daughter gets diagnosed with leukemia
2016 – I file for divorce
2017- My divorce gets finalized, six months later I meet Ernie, sell my house and go back to my full time job as a math teacher.
2018 – Ernie proposes, we got married, I quit my full-time job and I went back to working in my business full-time.
2019 – My signature “Tap into Love” method is born. Plus, I have {finally} replaced my full-time income with my business income...
I know… quite a decade….
A few days ago I had a chat with Ernie about feeling underpaid and overworked in my business. But, it’s not until I looked at my ACTUAL biz income from last year that I have realized that I had literally 5X my biz income since 2018. Now there are a lot of factors that go into there, like I only worked part time last year and many other years. But the fact still stands; I have literally replaced my full job income with my business income this year (for the first time since I started my biz in 2013).
When I realized that, I had literally stopped writing my morning pages, and to sit still for a few seconds in both shock and awe.
You see, because of my tendency to compare myself with other biz owners, I would sometime label myself as an underachiever. Mostly due to the fact, that after six years in business, I’m just now barely crossing the 50k mark.
I even went as far as telling Ernie, that if I make as little in my business next year, as I did this year, I will have to put my business on sabbatical and regroup. What is most embarrassing is that, somehow at that moment I have not realized the fact that that was the EXACT goal I set for myself for this year!!!!! And, hello, I have practically reached that.
The 3 beautiful lessons here are: set higher goals (if you want higher income), track your goals,and celebrate your wins.
So,instead of comparing myself with multiple people who share multiple six figure MONTHS on FB, like all the time, I’ve decided, that it is OK to take things at my own pace. I have also decided to proclaim myself an example of an extraordinary success (especially if I factor in the kind of decade I had).
As I’m sharing this discovery with you, it makes me think how many women label themselves as failures too. It happens often due to divorce, bad break ups, being single for too long, or staying in a bad relationship for too long.
If that’s you I want you to join me today, so together we can let go of all the judgment, comparasitis, and instead, notice how everything you’ve been through brought you right where you are right now. I want you to notice that you are in the right place, at the right time and proclaim with me:

“Today I choose to honor myself and how far I came. I am an example of an extraordinary success!”

Hit reply and let me know what are you MOST proud of from the last decade (or what are some of your biggest lessons/insights).

For me: the fact, I have {finally} sorted out my love/home live. And, because I have peace in my personal life and a great partner who’s got my back, I am now able to do what I do best, and grow my biz exponentially.


All my love,


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