The A.R.T. of Empowerment

Private CEO Mindset Coaching to Increase Confidence and Profits

What would it be like if:

You feel empowered and truly free in your mind and your life instead of recycling your “not good enough” symptoms by doubting yourself, feeling rejected and worrying.

To be in control of how you feel regardless of outside emotional turbulence instead of feeling like others hold the remote control to your feelings

To be consistently in the state of creative flow instead of fighting procrastination, indecisiveness and hitting the internal wall when it comes to taking BIG actions

To experience an abundance of time, money and love {cause it’s your birthright, m’friend} instead of repeating old annoying patterns and feeling like nothing is working for you.

When you were bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, you dreamed big of all the freedom, abundance, and success you’d experience when you were finally doing what you loved {and being well paid for it}.

You imagined that you’d be so inspired in your work that everything would come easily in a state of creativity. That it would be easy – effortless even – to grow your business.

But once you officially stepped into your new role as entrepreneur… things shifted.

Maybe you found yourself knowing exactly what you should be doing, but instead allowing yourself to get distracted and procrastinate {hello scrolling through Facebook!}

Maybe you started feeling anxious about asking someone to work with you and started cringing as you quoted your price {even worse – immediately offering discounts because you’re so worried they will say you’re too expensive}.

Or maybe your Inner Mean Girl is your constant critic, constantly telling you “You’re Not Expert Enough! Who Do You Think You Are!”.

Chances are you’ve fought back this “Not Enough” mindset, hoping that another certification, or business training program, or even working with a business coach, would make a difference.

And even despite all your efforts – you continue to find yourself bumping up against the same overwhelm, procrastination, and nagging inner critic.

It doesn’t have to be this way, friend!

There’s a reason you’re feeling stuck despite all your efforts – nothing has tapped into the real root of the “Not Good Enough” problem.

According to the recent research over 95% of the decisions we make are made by our subconscious mind. That’s right, we are literally running on autopilot most of the time!

So even if you’ve tried meditation or yoga or affirmations… you haven’t replaced this “Not Good Enough” programming with a CEO Mindset.

You may have worked with a business coach and invested thousands of dollars in biz programs, personal development and coaching – but these aren’t designed to help you overcome your inner critic or money blocks.

Even though you have learned and grown a lot, you may still experience stubborn emotions like anger, jealousy or fear. There are days, you feel like you could use professional forklift for emotional baggage you are carry around.

You are done! Your time is NOW. You’re ready to go to the next level and re-write the subconscious blueprint that has been holding you back.

The only problem is HOW.

You are ready to work with a mentor. Not just someone who can help you fire the professional fork lifting contractors once and for all (since you will no longer be carrying that HUGE emotional luggage around)… but also test the results over time, make sure that the changes are both deep and permanent.

BannerThat’s where I come in! As a CEO Mindset Coach, I’ll help you re-write those subconscious programs so you can get out of overwhelm, banish procrastination, and feel confident taking consistent action in your business and life.

The Honest Truth Is We ALL Get In Our Own Way.

My job is to help you finally see clearly exactly how you are self-sabotaging {because we all have a favorite flavor of self-sabotage that comes up again and again} and finally release it.

With that understanding + powerful Faster EFT protocols for change, we’ll craft a highly personalized approach and help you clear them in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our final step is make sure that you can use the A.R.T. Of Change Process on your own, so that as you grow and hit another upper limit, you have the skills to release it quickly.



How I Discovered the Power of Faster EFT

There was a time when I was a successful Math teacher working in one of the top performing school in the country. I was living in the beautiful suburb of Houston Texas, newly wed to the guy I loved and pregnant with my second child. I had a stable secure job and a beautiful family.

But inside, I knew something was missing. In my job I noticed that there was a single common factor ALL of my students were influenced by, that reflected their performance and grades across the board it was – STRESS. I started experimenting with them introducing meditations, affirmations and finally EFT in my daily teaching practice. Little did I know how far this small changes will go – the following year I end up receiving over $9,000 bonus for my students performance. Unthinkably high for any school teacher. Just so you know our bonuses are DIRECTLY linked to the student’s performance and grades.

This is where it hit me – when you learn how to manage your emotions, you perform better, feel healthier, look younger, have better relationships and make more money

In summer of 2013, I turned in my resignation and jumped hoping that the net would appear. With 0 clients and no safety (my hubby did not have a permanent job either). With the newborn and a toddler I’ve started my first biz from scratch.

Fast forward less than 3 years… I’m now running two successful businesses with over 600 people in my community, serving clients from all over the world.

The Art Of Empowerment brings my experience from the past 3 years of getting “inside the head” of many successful entrepreneurs including six-figure biz coaches, Ted Talk presenters, nutritionists, Level 4 Faster Eft practitioners, yoga studio owners and many more.

I am bringing my unique problem solving abilities, personal insights and laser focused skills to create a customized step by step algorithm to help you reveal and release stubborn subconscious believes. We’ll work together to bring your talents and unique gift out in the world (so you can make money doing what you love).


3 Steps to Master The Art of Change

Over the years of working with heart centered entrepreneurs I’ve created a step-by- step process that I am taking all my private clients through, the ART of Empowerment Program

Step 1:: The ART of Change Process

Uncovering your subconscious blueprint and personal flavors of self sabotage. Reveal and release your deep seated limiting believes infused with worry, guilt and comparasitis (so you can be in the state of ease and flow)

Collapse famous “I am not good enough” syndrome (and get grounded in your unique gifts and talents that your dream clients are WAITING for you to share)

Get to the roots of your rejection and abandonment patterns (so you can write that blog, create that program, make that offer without worrying that nobody gonna like it/buy it)

Let go of subconscious money blocks and sabotages (so you can charge what you worth without feeling guilty)

Step 2:: The Art of Completion

Getting systems and processes in place to get things done and reach your goals. Release fear of being visible (yep, we are talking public speaking and writing, so you can finally get more eyes on your biz and make more money)

Release that indecisiveness and procrastination (so you can do what you know you need to do without over thinking or getting distracted with things that does not move your biz forward)

Let go of the fear of failure (so you can clearly see that there is no failure, so you can use this feedback wisely, learn from it and go from good to great)

Release the “nothing works for me symptoms” (and feeling free to follow your dreams by taking consistent, confident actions instead)

Step 3:: The Art of Fearless Growth

How to apply this process on your own. What kind of success habits to develop to harness unstoppable attitude in biz and life. How to tap on yourself. So that you don’t go back to the “valley of despair” and get caught up in the inner critic voice, even in the times of stress and fast growth

How to tap on yourself and get the best results in the shortest amount of time

How to feel supported (and get support), so you are surrounded by the like minded people who can help you get your spiritual and professional practice to the next level

How to handle the Upper limit problem with tapping – the internal thermostat, that prevent you from moving to the next level of happiness and success

I only take 2 – 4 new clients each month, so space is very limited. If you think, that this program is a great fit for you, please schedule a session!

“It’s amazing to work with Olga and have someone help me see that what’s bothering you now, or holding you back in life, is a problem you’ve been dealing with for years. And until you address the core issue, you’re just slapping a band-aid on it. I’d explored EFT over the years with the help of books and YouTube videos, but realized that I was barely scratching the surface. Everything seemed to be going right… but the better it went, the more I’d find a way to self-sabotage. My business was booming and I was having sleepless nights worrying about what could go wrong. Pick a fight with my husband. Let a negative comment ruin not just my day – but weeks. Working deeply with Olga over the last few months has helped me to unravel these self-sabotaging issues so I can more clearly see what’s going on and consciously choose to respond, not react. Now I feel more ready than ever to take my business and life to the next level.”
Racheal Cook

MBA Business Strategist, CEO of the Yogipreneur and Conscious Business Design

“My experience with Olga and EFT started quite unusually. I have been supporting my parents and we were going through some challenging times as a family. I was running out of ideas on how to help my mom to keep her spirit up and find inner peace, when I saw and learned about Olga’s EFT program. We might give this “feel good” practice a shot, I thought. My mom was of a different opinion when Olga arrived for an initial session. Olga surprised me with her calming flexibility and unexpected discovery under circumstances. She said: “If your mom is not ready for it, and you thought she is in need of and open to it, maybe you have some things to work on yourself and learn to help your mom, if/when she needs it.”

Good point Olga had! And so we began. I keep craving more of Olga’s insight and just her calming-peaceful-grounding energy, showing through in her webinars, Question and Answer videos and our private sessions. She offers new perspective on my experiences and assists me in finding clarity in my next steps and acceptance of what is in my life as a mother, daughter, individual and professional/businesswoman. So it should be no surprise, I am also inspired by Olga’s Fearless Entrepreneur program. It feels like she is able to put my own leadership and entrepreneurial ‘thoughts to actions’ moves in high gear. Looking forward to continue learning and growing with Olga.”

Marianna Leybovich


What to expect in the next 3 - 6 months of us working together?

Get to the root of your rejection and abandonment patterns (so you can write that blog post or create that program without worrying that nobody will like it/buy it. Release your “inner critic” voice and understand that just because you have a thought, it does not mean its true

Heal the good old “not good enough” syndrome, so you can get clear and grounded in your value when you speak your message. If you consciosely know that you’re amazing at what you do, but but subconsciosly have been held back because you’re worried “I can’t charge that!”, we’re going to break that believe, so that you can deliver incredible value charging what you worth and doing what you love.

Release the fear of being visible (yep, we’re talking public speaking and writing, so that you can finally get more eyes on your biz and make more money)empower you to take uncomfortable massive action (start weekly newsletter, make a video, pitch for an interview, etc)

Let go of your fear of failure (so you can clearly see that there is no failure, only feedback. And you can use that feedback wisely, learn from it and go from good to great)

Get Clear on Your Purpose, Mission and Next steps toward fulfilling your true potential. I believe that the purpose of your life is to discover your gift and the meaning is to give that gift away. Releasing old emotional clutter is a sure way to get clarity in the direction of your true calling. As we let go of old emotional luggage often the answers subside easily and naturally.

“I felt heavy, without energy, and closed off creatively after a somewhat traumatic experience. By the time I met Olga, I’d been meditating and practicing yoga hoping that the burden would be lifted, but all I was able to do was name my feelings of shame, abandonment, and anger. I had no way of releasing these feelings. I had no previous experience with EFT, but when I heard Olga say that the practice allows you to access an event or emotion, and then release it, I was sold.
I also liked that there was some physical activity (tapping) within the process. I experience my emotions on a very physical level, so I welcomed the opportunity to incorporate my body. To be perfectly honest, after the first two sessions I didn’t think EFT was anything more than a placebo- it made me feel better because it gave me hope, but I wasn’t sure if there was anything more to it. Then the third session rocked me. I felt, physically, like I’d grieved a death.
And finally, during the fourth session, I felt all of the shame, abandonment, and anger disappear. I felt lighter, I had more energy, and I was looking forward to the future. I probably don’t have to mention that my business greatly improved because of it. I highly recommend Olga to anyone that feels stuck and seeks growth. It’s a wild ride and an incredible metamorphosis.”
Kristin Llorca

Yoga & meditation teacher

Your experience

Subconscious Blueprint Deep Dive Session – We’ll begin with a deep dive into your subconscious mind programs. This 2 hour intensive is designed to help us uncover and start releasing those limiting beliefs that constantly trp you over.($400 value)

1×1 Tapping & Support Sessions – We’ll have 3 one hours sessions per month the first months {via Skype}, followed by 2 one hour sessions to support you every step of the journey. We’ll tap, clear and release. We’ll go deep into the subtle programs that rule your life now and replace them with beliefs that serve your best and highest good. ($1200 – $2600 value)

Direct Access to Olga including 911 Backpocket Faster EFT Coaching Session – You’ll get direct text, voicemail + email access to Olga between sessions, as well as a 9-11 Backpocket Tapping Session for breakdown and emotional emergencies! ($200 + value)

Private FB Group Access to ask questions in between the sessions – You’ll have an opportunity to join our intimate Fearless Entrepreneur Group to ask questions, get feedback and support 24-7. I’ll be jumping in daily to review questions, respond and record small videos to guide you step by step. ($1000 + value)

Personalized Tapping script, tailored just for you to help you clear out the blend of your personal self sabotage ($200 + value)

Bonus #1 (time sensitive)::  

FREE access to my Signature Online Tapping Immersion Program – Fearless Entrepreneur ($3500 value), which includes 1 year long of monthly Live small group Mastermind with with Olga

Bonus #2 (time sensitive)::

FREE access to Mastermind Library, collection of 10+ Faster EFT trainings tailored for a specific entrepreneurial issue or problem (including releasing fear of public speaking and writing, how to release anxiety with tapping, healing the not good enough syndrome, crushing  money blocks, etc.)

Before working with Olga, I didn’t know much about tapping, but I felt this was something I needed to explore.

Often times I felt angry, stressed and disconnected from parents. I’m so glad I took the chance and signed up to work with Olga! While I came to her with sleeping issues, we ended up unpacking other, deeper and unresolved issues around family and work that really blew me away. Every call with her was like meeting up with an old friend, and I always left feeling nourished and energised. Her calm, gentle and loving presence helped to center the conversations and keep me focused.

It’s a great way to unpack deeply held emotional issues that you may not be aware off. My sleep improved drastically. I am feeling content, relaxed and at peace throughout my day. I highly recommend Olga!

Vered Ehsani

Woman Wellness Educator

Who is the Art of Empowerment for?

I’ve designed this program for people who are a lot like me:

>> Heart Centered entrepreneurs who are ready to stop putting bandages to their emotional problems and get to the bottom of it once and for all {and know exactly how to us the skills we learn together to use this process on yoru own}

>> Fiercely courageous, solo-preneurs who are ready to stop worrying, comparing and judging and step into their power, so they can charge  what they worrth for their expertise {aka –nor more “I cant charge that!” thoughts and body reactions }

>> Fearless entrepreneurs who want to ensure that the LOA really working for them (in their benefit) by releasing subconscious fears and limitations because emotions take physical real estate and you are ready to free up space for your Core Desires}

>> Action takers who are ready to roll up upgrade emotional intelligence skills and implement like crazy to make a massive difference for their lives for years to come making positive impact on your kids, loved ones and clients.

Are you ready for deep lasting changes in your life & business?

Then fill out your ART of Empowerment Application + schedule the initial appointment now (30 min Free Consult). Once you submit your application, you’ll receive confirmation that your appointment is scheduled.

I’m excited to review your application and to work with you personally.

All my love,

Applications Now Open!

Total “The Art Of Empowerment”

Value: $8,500 +

Your Price: Usually $1,997 for 3 months or $2,997 for 6 months

But for the for the next 7 days, you’ll save $500 off each package! Discounts already reflected!


VIP Mentorship {6 months}

Sweet and Simple {3 months}



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