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And welcome to the last video from my BRAND NEW series on subconscious blocks to love. I’ve created this series to help you understand the hidden reasons why {even smart} women stay single and out of love. By the way, if you missed the first 3 videos, you can find them all on the reply page herehttps://www.olgabochareva.com/video-series


Today we are talking about Limiting Belief #4:: “The Upper Limit Problem.” If you are not familiar with the term Upper Limit Problem (UPL), it simply refers to a human behavior of not being able to feel good (happy, healthy, wealth, ect.) for an extended period of time.


Behind that we are hiding a common belief of : “Well, it can be THAT good, or it can last THAT long”. And consciously or subconsciously create our reality to align with those less than healthy believes.

The term Upper Limit Problem been interduced by Gay Hendriks. But its a common phenomena talked about by many leaders in the field of personal growth. Marcy Shimoff calls it internal thermostat , Tony Robbins – inner ceiling, Delise Duffield Thomas- subbotages, ect.


The bottom line, undressed and unrecognized that problem can lead to creating drama and sabotages out of the blue. And even when things are going well in your relationships, you’ll find reasons to find or create conflict.

So, today, we’ll go deeper into understanding of this problem, uncover its common symptoms and do a tapping round on clearing it once and for good.


Here is what you are going to learn in today’s video:

  • Why Gay Hendrics goes as far as saying that this is THE only problem you ever need to resove in relatonships.
  • How the ULP manifests itself in the relationships, so you can recognize it before it takes its toll.
  • How to avoid the highs or lows in our feelings and learn to REST vs. crushing down emotionally.
  • Tapping on committing to recognize the ULP


Block #2: “The Upper Limit Problem”

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What are the common way you experience ULP/ sabotage yourself?

This community is an amazing group of conscious, heart-centered women, and we are here to encourage and lift you up.

Can’t wait to help you tap into your best relationship ever!

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