I am sooo very excited to share a BRAND NEW interview I had with amazing Flip ‘N Shift on subconscious blocks to love.

So often I get asked, “Olga, where can I meet a high-quality man?” It’s as if there’s a hidden place where all the best guys are hiding out. My response is, “Great guys are everywhere.”

It’s HOW to attract, notice, and pick them that matters. More often than not, it’s our limiting beliefs and fears that keep us stuck and blind.

I know you’ve heard me say it dozens of times, but I’ll say it again:

As you change within, your relationships transform.

Today, we’ll dive into the 4 blocks, so we can tap together and get you unstuck in love.


In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How to tell if YOU have a hidden limiting belief around relationships
  • #1 Top limiting belief that keeps women stuck and out of love
  • What is a “fixer-upper” syndrome and how it may be hurting your love life
  • Why we often “marry” one of our parents
  • The MOST important block to overcome to be happy in love

“The 4 Relationship blocks even smart women have” with Flip ‘N Shift


Across all the clients I have worked with, one of the biggest obstacles to finding love is not fully releasing the energetic imprint of your ex. This is exactly why Get over your ex in 30 days was born.

Would you like to heal that man-shaped wound left by your ex-partner?

We can’t change what happened to us in the past, but we can learn to look back at that experience feeling empowered and at peace.

I specialize in helping women heal past divorce/separation so that they can build a healthy foundation for a happy and mature relationship.

I went through a divorce myself in January of 2017. Only 6 months later I started online dating and met an amazing man within a few weeks. A year later he proposed and we have just celebrated our 3-year anniversary.

This is exactly why I’ve created this offer: to help women just like you heal the past pain quickly, so that it does not take them years to find true love, even after a bad breakup.

This week my offer is a “Get over your ex in one month” 1-1 VIP package with me in which we will:

  • Get to the root of your rejection and abandonment partners
  • Help you learn skills to change how you feel about the breakup fast
  • Tap into feeling peaceful, productive and content with your life right now.

It’s normally $497 USD, but for the first 3 women, its $347 USD only.

Here is the link to learn more and sign up.

Got any questions about the offer? Just hit reply, I am happy to answer any questions to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

All my love,



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