Happy Clients

“For anyone considering work with Olga I would whole-heartedly recommend her. Here are just a few reasons why I loved working with her:

1.Being able to help me see my subconscious programs I was living out of…that is a talent in itself.

2. Reassurance when I told her my problem, that it was a was a common program and that it could be worked on. (Hearing that was a huge relief)

3. Helped me experience new things…for example after one session I felt like I had been given an injection of self-confidence.

I’m glad I followed my instincts and chose Olga. My life is better for it.”

Caitriona McMahon


“ I just wanted to give a shoutout for an insanely powerful tapping session to Olga! It was amazing to understand a repeated pattern and to heal wounds on the father side.
While we were working together I also met an amazing guy I am dating now. He is absolutely incredible, attentive and generous. He recently has been away working and calls every day, and on the way to the airport showed up at my work to surprise me with the most beautiful flowers along with a basketful of my fave chocolate.
The more I learn to release past pains on the father side, the more I’m learning to receive powerfully.
I also love Olga’s joyful energy and her humor! Everyone needs an Olga! I’d recommend Olga to anyone who’s truly ready to face their fears around relationships”

Verity M


Working with Olga was and is one of the best experiences ever.

Olga is super fun to work with, she makes you laugh about issues that seem so serious but at the same time, she has great empathy and lots of wisdom to share. I always leave our sessions feeling relieved, renewed and much, much lighter.

My life has changed tremendously since working with Olga and although our sessions aren’t as regularly as at the beginning, I always love coming back for a session when “stuff” comes up.

Thank you for all you do, Olga. <3

Anne - Sophie Reinhardt


“I have worked with Olga Bochareva many times, she’s amazing! I had the opportunity to work on relationships with her and it changed my entire perspective! I felt better & more positive right away!  If you haven’t worked with Olga, you’re missing out… I highly recommend her!

Actually, after we  tapped last year in July…  within a month I met the man of my dreams. Seriously, it’s amazing how well this works!”


Houston Texas

“I worked with Olga when I was in a time of big change in my business. I experienced some intense fears and doubts around my new direction and stepping up into a bigger version of myself. The session was right on point, powerful and freeing. The old patterns are gone: I feel lighter, happier and much more confident moving forward.”

Irene Langeveld

Teacher & coach for highly sensitive people (hsp) and empaths

“Olga’s positive spirit is contagious!  She is a great listener, and the tapping we would do as a group after hearing everyone was always fruitful for me.  Hearing my own fears and issues reflected back to me as we tapped was a powerful clearing. And so helpful to hear others’ issues, as they often reflected or expanded on mine.  Thank you!”

Pam Jackson

Yoga teacher and studio owner

Six Year Old Headaches Gone after 30 Minute of Tapping

I would just like to thank-you again for the wonderful EFT experience I had in Aug at the seminar. I had been having weather induced headaches, since hurricane Ike.  These headaches had been getting worse and worse over the years and had escalated to migraine status. It was to the point when the weather was about to change I knew days in advance that it was going raining because of my headaches. When we started tapping my headache was a 10and by the end of the tap it was down to a 2 within 30 min !!! Best part:At any rate when I woke up the next morning, and the weather was still overcast/ cloudy, I did not have a headache. I have not had a headache since we have tapped (its been few weeks) and as I look outside at the clouds building I smile, sincerely thankful for the aid and the quickness at which relief came….
Take care of your self and find someone whom can help guide you to relief. Olga is a fantastic practitioner whom can help lead you to relief. She is kind, non-judgmental, and good at getting to the root of the problem so that healing can ensue.

Keri Swannie

Yoga Instructor, Houston Tx

“Fearless Entrepreneur” was more than just a course- it was an experience! The weekly live calls were a game-changer for me and my business. They allowed me the space to celebrate wins, uncover and clear blocks (and get coached), and set goals to be held accountable for, weekly. Before the course, my business progress was sloooow. I would allow fear and mental blocks to constantly stop my forward momentum and keep me in procrastination mode for days or weeks.

But through the course, I developed the habit (and skill-set) that any successful entrepreneur needs- the ability to quickly see my blocks and move through them with ease and efficiency. And as an added bonus, Olga’s ability to bring together heart-centered and motivated entrepreneurs allowed me to make some new friends and business cheerleaders! Through Olga and the group’s support I was able to get 168 (organic) sign-ups for my first challenge “Meditate With Ease: 7 Days to a More Joyful and Consistent Practice”; 112 people in my first Facebook group; and 8 people to purchase my first product (in 2 days). A huge success and confidence booster for me! I am so grateful to Olga and the group, and can’t wait to continue going through future rounds of the program”

Dana Garced

Meditation Mentor

I am able to problem solve and motivate myself with ease.

When I began working with Olga, I was full of an inner anxiety that made it difficult to be calm in life. I was verbally aggressive with my family at times, and I often hid from myself to avoid these difficult moments. The clearing of my past trauma and present anxiety is now gone. I have made more progress towards my goals of building a full satisfying life than I thought feasible. My children notice the difference, and I am able to problem solve and motivate myself with ease.

Trudy Scott

Faster EFT Practitioner, Oregon, USA

Over 10 Years of Headache and Insomnia Gone in Just Few Sessions!

“Hello everybody! I’d like to share my experience of working with Olga. We were meeting on skype for the last few weeks and I had such an amazing results and so grateful to her. For over 10 years now I’ve had severe migraines, which use to overwhelm me to the point that I could not see straight, and almost nothing could calm the pain. I am a yoga instructor and have tried a lot of other modalities, including meditation and such. And even though my life improved on many level as I started this journey, my headaches still were hunting me. Another challenge I used to have is insomnia. I had a lot of childhood trauma. And as we started processing and releasing my feeling regarding the past my headaches and insomnia started to subside!! I still cant believe it! Its like a miracle to me. I remember one session, when I had a very strong headache and as we addressed my feelings and emotions around events that were happening in my life currently it completely disappeared! I was pain free in less then 20 min! I also wanted to add that when student is ready the teacher will appear. I was ready and my life completely transformed in just few short weeks. Tapping is an amazing healing tool. I use it every day now, I wish everyone knew about this profound and simple way to change your life. Thank you Olga!!!”


Yoga Instructor, Yeisk, Russia

5 weeks of Overwhelming Strong cough gone after 1 session!

In the beginning of March i got a small flu that I didnt pay attention. The cough was severe and strange. Due to constant post-nasal drip i could not breathe well. My throat was scratchy. I felt like a hairball got stuck in it and i was trying to cough it out. I had regular coughing attacks with loud noise and severe throat clearing, almost convulsions. I looked like a clown at work – the whole department noticed it. The cough was staying for weeks and was really bringing me down:  could not sleep and  I was staying really behind at work – i had to cough all the time, it was ironic. I had to walk out of the meetings, declined invitations to present my work.
Did i go to the doctor? You bet. The first one said – allergy and gave me steroid spray. That helped me breath, but cough stayed. Second doctor said it looks like asthma. Third suspected problem with vocal cords. All tests came clear. It was none of the above.
I had this severe, truly bad cough for 5 weeks – for no obvious reason.
Thats when I’ve talked to Olga that suggested a tapping session.
I was skeptical, but agreed. I didn’t think that’s the solution, but was willing to try anything – it couldn’t make it worse.I went to bed after session, had the same cough and a rough night.
Oh well, i thought, it didn’t work, but at least I’ve tried. The next morning i came to work. It was strange – i was not coughing! I watched myself cautiously for a couple of days – didn’t want to jinx my luck. I had a little residual cough, but it was … pretty much gone! I went back to sleep to our bedroom with my husband – like a normal person! I could sleep and rest again! That’s my story do far. Its been 2 months. I feel great!!! All thanks to Olga’s magic! What a gift she has!

~Kate P.

Geophysicist, Houston, Tx

I’m blessed to have Olga’s wisdom and guidance to help me live a better life.

I have been fortunate enough to tap with Olga many times, and each session is wonderful. Using EFT, she gracefully leads me through whatever issue I’m working on, and I always have profound a-ha’s and come away feeling so much better and grateful for the experience. Olga is both professional and personal, and is gifted with an insight and positive attitude that is genuine and sincere. She’s an excellent EFT practitioner, and a truly awesome person. I’m blessed to have her wisdom and guidance to help me live a better life. If you get the chance to tap with Olga, you’ll be very very happy you did! I can’t recommend her enough!”


EFT Practicioner, Houston

I CAN live life without stress, overwhelming negative habits and emotions!

I was so lucky to learn about the tapping technique from Olga. EFT truly helped me separate myself from my emotions. It helped me realize, that I am not my feeling. I was able to understand who I am and that I have certain habits to react toward certain situations and therefore an ability to change those habbits. It became so clear that I CAN live life without stress, overwhelming negative habits and emotions. All of that became possible for me because of tapping. I noticed that my life became more harmonious, calmer and healthier. What a change from what used to be a mix of constant stress and anxiety!! Now I know we ALL have freedom of choice. Thank you Olga for guiding me to this profound understanding and better life! ”


Attorney and a Yoga Instructor, Moscow, Russia

Thank you for the Faster EFT Webinar!

You’ve created a very safe space for all of us to feel understood and taken care of. A judging free area for me to open and heal, and I deeply appreciate it. It was very generous of you to offer these sessions and you proved to be very knowledgeable about the topic of overcoming resistance! Not only you guided us through tapping, you also offered sound suggestions and practical tips we could apply afterwards.

Charo Pinilla

Success Coach @ tappingyourpurpose.com

“I would like to thank Olga for this course “Fearless Entrepreneurs”! I’ve got a lot from this course and continue to benefit from it now. It helped me find huge sector of memories related to business that I did not even realize were connected to business! It changed my view to the business in this field and how I feel about it. As a result I was able to achieve the goal I set for this course which was to start charge for my services and get paying clients. Thank you, Olga!”

Anna K

Faster EFT practitioner, Level 2

“I took the Fearless Entrepreneur course because I wanted to give myself more emotional support to help me face some of the ‘big leaps’ you experience when taking your business to the next level or trying to fulfil a big dream. I knew I was struggling to reach my goals because I was stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage, stress and anxiety but I wanted that to change.

Olga’s course was great for introducing me to EFT concepts for managing the emotions you face during business growth. The whole course is designed to introduce you to the tools and strategies, help you practice the skills and give you added support through group calls and the facebook group so you have all the support you need to integrate what you are learning.

Where my real “a-ha” moments came was in my 1:1 private session with Olga. She skillfully helped me identify some key events that were contributing to my current anxiety, knew exactly what issue to target and guided me to discover key insights for myself that have changed my perspective. Olga’s true talent is in helping you laser focus on the issue and reframe past events which releases those past influences – and some you can even laugh about now! I definitely recommend the private sessions too if you want to dig in deeper and focus on a specific issue you are struggling with. I am now confidently taking the next steps to grow my business”

Kim Banks

Marketing Coach for Microbusiness owners

I wanted to let Olga and the rest of you know that I’ve been using the manifesting abundance strategies that Olga shared in the Fearless Entrepreneur course and I’ve exceeded my money goals for the last three months, and they all seemed like stretch goals when I made them. Thanks for the strategies. I’m getting more confident and comfortable putting myself out there, which will only help me build my business.

Jenna Blakey Kelland

I just have to share:  After we tapped today, I decided to take a step back from trying so hard at business.  I  took some time to do something fun,  be creative in the craft room  making some cards for individuals I have been thinking about.  The  phones rings – a referral for biz. 😊  I had a coffee date with a past customer this afternoon.  I  decided I  would listen and learn more about her and what she does.  Before we  parted,  she said I never felt better than when I used your product,  so she  is starting again with products that fit her lifestyle.  It feels so  good to be in this place.



Before working with Olga, I didn’t know much about tapping, but I felt this was something I needed to explore.Often times I felt angry, stressed and disconnected from parents. I’m so glad I took the chance and signed up to work with Olga! While I came to her with sleeping issues, we ended up unpacking other, deeper and unresolved issues around family and work that really blew me away.  Every call with her was like meeting up with an old friend, and I always left feeling nourished and energised. Her calm, gentle and loving presence helped to center the conversations and keep me focused. It’s a great way to unpack deeply held emotional issues that you may not be aware off. My sleep improved drastically. I am feeling content, relaxed and at peace throughout my day. I highly recommend Olga!



Vered Ehsani

Woman Wellness Educator

You know when you meet those few really special people in your life, who help you, help you to move up to be your best?  For me, that person is you. I watch all of your videos to learn as much as I can and use it on me to clear my stuff up.  Man, did I ever have a lot of emotional baggage.I just wanted to say that things are becoming easier for me.  I landed a 4 day job for some extra money.  So, the money is starting to come in – thank goodness.  Now, to get my clients.  

I feel so much better.  I believe what started it was your 14 day challenge and I just kept growing from there.  I have been tapping a lot in the past two months as well.Today, I decided to let go of one of my friends.. It was a tough decision but, one that I know will help us both to move forward in life. I would have NOT been able to do this without Olga’s help. All of these videos have helped me to move forward and to become stronger and positive and confident in myself. Much love to you Olga for your support and love. You helped me and for that I am forever grateful. Thanks for all of your help.

Linda Brokopp



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