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There is no turning back. Or at least I guess there is none…  I am on day 3 of the 30 day #meditapping adventure. So far I’ve meditated for an hour for 3 days straight, and recorded 1 tapping video a day. The first two days I was still riding into the initial euphoria of YEAAA!! I am doing something I wanted to do for like 1.5 years.

Here are my days 1 and 2: Feeling light, in the flow, present, patient, loving ,and creative. Look, I even mapped out my beloved “Tap into Love” Signature Method, that was in my head for weeks. And things were just very much in the flow.


Today, as I meditated, it hit me. I started to pull back, feeling like I am wasting my time sitting still for an hour like stupid. All the things I could do instead of sitting there.And that Ernie is probably thinking that I’m lazy and instead of doing something productive I’m just “relaxing”. I was thinking: what in the world will I even record in the 30 daily tapping videos, and who would even want to watch that…


So yep, the resistance peaked its ugly head. And I think this is where most of us (including yours truly) will start falling off the wagon. The doubts, the business, why I’m doing this, all the ways how I could spend my time better, worrying that I need to do it earlier in the morning (ironically, this project is called #TheEndOfWorry).

Is anyone feeling this way? Just raise your hand if you do.

You can put your hand down now. You know, I can’t actually see you, right?

But put jokes aside, this is precisely what we’re going to tap on in the 3rd video: releasing the resistance to move forward, because it feels like IT’S NOT WORKING.

Here’s what I’ve learned: If you feel stressed, worried, edgy, angry, ect. It does not mean it’s (meditation, tapping, you name it)  not working. What it does mean is that : There is a block coming up.It could be a fear leaving, a limiting believe becoming conscious, or an insight is about to be born.

So, what do you do? You keep on going. It’s just an opportunity to heal.

I love how Kyle Cease put it:

“We are not here to feel happy. We are here to feel fully

Feeling fully is scary, it’s new, it’s different and it’s unfamiliar. In our society we’ve been taught the opposite of feeling fully: “C’mon, get stuff together”, “Don’t fall apart”, “There is no need to cry”, “You gotta stay strong”.

Well, the strongest thing anyone can do is to fully feel their feelings.

As promised here are the utube (yes, I figured out how to convert from FB live to utube :)) replays from the first week of #meditapping:

Day 1: Welcome + Your BIG why behind meditapping.

Day 2: Tapping away comparasitis.

Day 3:  Feeling resistance? Tapping on the “It’s not working” feeling.

Can’t wait to help you meditap into your best relationships ever.

All my love,



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