• Are you craving a deeper connection with yourself (and others) in your life? 
  • Are you asking yourself: what are my unique gift and purpose (or are you ready to get even more clarity with how you serve)?
  • Are you ready to turn your passion into a profession (a PROFITABLE one)?
  • Is finishing the famous Artist’s Way book by Julia Cameron on your bucket list? 


If you found yourself nodding, my BRAND NEW “Tap into Your Creativity: Artist’s Way Course,” is just what you need right now. 

So, if you are on a journey of deeper self discovery, self connection, designing co-creative relationships, as well as understanding your gifts and purpose, keep on reading. You’re in for a treat.


Now, if you are not familiar with the Artist’s Way book, it’s absolutely incredible and life changing. “The Artist’s Way” is a famous book and a 12 week course by Julia Cameron for recovering and discovering your CREATIVITY. It’s also VERY challenging, but not impossible, to complete on your own and I finally completed it last year.


Here is the list of weeks and topics

(as per the Artist’s Way) we’ll be tapping in:

The first time I learned about this book was way back in 2012 from Brad Yates, who ran a tapping course on it to help him complete it himself. He admitted that he had attempted it a few times, but the only time he ever finished it, was when he did it with a group. LOL, I can soooo relate: I have committed to it 3 times before, but I finished it only once.



Here are my personal experiences and results:

  • Quit my full time job (for the second time LOL, more on that later)
  • Restarted my tapping biz and went on to have the best biz year yet
  • Went to Italy for a 10 day vacay (my dream for over 10 years)
  • Married my soulmate, am amazing loving man, that I literally tapped into existence.


Here is the list of what most people get out of this course:

  • Confidence in themselves and deeper connection to who they truly are
  • A clear step by step process to discover your innate gifts and genius
  • Acceptance of yourself fully and completely
  • Ability to release toxic people and influences from your life
  • Permission to act on their dreams and allow them to come true with ease
  • Realization that creativity is your gift from God and practicing it is your gift back


Now, this course (particularly combined with tapping) could be life changing for you, especially if you are on a journey of discovering yourself, starting your biz, changing carriers, de-cluttering your relationships, or just ready to get even more clarity on your life’s purpose.

It’s also VERY engaging, funny and makes you feel oh soooo good about yourself 🙂

Now you may be wondering……



Well, I am no Julia Cameron, neither am I creative in any performing or visual art. BUT. I am an L4 FEFT practitioner and my art is the one of connected relationships and personal transformation. 


I do consider myself an artist. My canvas is the human mind, and my brushes are the tools of tapping and coaching.


There are a few things I have created in my life:

  1. 130 + plus tapping videos on YouTube (with over 20,000 views) in the last 5 years alone.
  2. An amazing online community with over 800 people on my email list and Facebook group.
  3. Created and run over 30 different tapping Masterclasses and presentations.
  4. Recorded and run 4 different tapping challenges
  5. Created 3 different group signature tapping programs
  6. Created more than one profitable business doing what I love
  7. And finally the one I am most proud of: attracted a co-creative relationship with an amazing, deep and supportive man, who I am honored to call my husband now.


So, I may not be a creative individual in a classic sense, but I sure have flexed my creative muscles in more than one way. Now I’m happy to help you flex yours 😘 Oh, and also I’ve been dreaming about running this for YEARS. So, I AM VERY excited!!!!

Week 1: Recovering a sense of SAFETY

Week 2: Recovering a sense of IDENTITY

Week 3: Recovering a sense of POWER

Week 4: Recovering a sense of INTEGRITY

Week 5: Recovering a sense of POSSIBILITY

Week 6: Recovering a sense of ABUNDANCE (my personal favorite)

Week 7: Recovering a sense of CONNECTION

Week 8: Recovering a sense of STRENGTH

Week 9: Recovering a sense of COMPASSION

Week 10: Recovering a sense of SELF-PROTECTION

Week 11: Recovering a sense of AUTONOMY

Week 12: Recovering a sense of FAITH



The registration  closed on Friday, September 6, 2019 and the course start date is September 16th. We’ll go for 12 -13 weeks with few breaks for holidays and to integrate and catch up. We’ll meet once a week for a LIVE tapping call to work through any blocks, fears or anything else coming up in your life.

NOTE: Do not worry about the call time, I am keeping this group small for a reason, so we’ll find a convenient time for EVERYONE to meet. Plus, if you are not able to attend, we’ll have a recording available for replay.

The enrollment for the current round of Tapping Artists Way is closed. Make sure to opt in below to be the first person to know when the next one is open!

Course details/how we are going to roll:


  1. You’ll get 12 group LIVE tapping sessions with me on everything that coming up in the course as well as anything else that pops up as we go along. (max 15 people in the course, 5 spots already taken)
  2. You will get weekly emails from me with reminders to help you stay on track with your morning pages and more.
  3. You’ll get access to a private Facebook Artist’s Way tapping group, so you can have daily accountability with your tapping sisters.
  4. Support of like-minded, conscious, high-vibe women who can hold space and encourage you on this journey.

Your investment for the course is only $297 US

(I know it’s ridiculously underpriced, as its an introductory special only), 
Regular price is $497.


If all sounds good, just use the link below to sign up. Once you do, you’ll receive an email from me within 24 h or less with a Welcome message with all you need to get started. 

In case, we have not met, my name is Olga Bochareva.
I am Relationships Coach and an Advanced Faster EFT practitioner. 

Having gone through 10+ years in a toxic marriage, I know the pain of being with someone who is emotionally unavailable and blocked. In January of 2017 I went through a divorce and started dating in the spring of the same year. 

 I knew I didn’t want to be single for the rest of my life. What I did not know, was I would meet my soulmate only few weeks into my dating journey. A year later, he proposed. 

Now, I am married to someone who loves, appreciates, and values me as I am. I no longer need to play small or stuff down my feelings. My husband is also an artist: a lawyer and entrepreneur by day and a writer by night. 

Being in a co-creative (vs. codependent) relationship was something I always wanted. Experiencing this reality is even better than what I ever imagined

Now I am on a mission to help other women create connected, deep, conscious and healthy relationships with both their inner genius and others.

Ready for the next step?

Join us for the ‘Artist`s Way Tapping Course’

The enrollment for the current round of Tapping Artists Way is closed. Make sure to opt in below to be the first person to know when the next one is open!

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