“Tap into LOVE” Method

1-1 Coaching program that helps successful women create connected, supportive and committed relationships, even after a painful divorce or separation.

Imagine what it would be like:

Meeting a guy, who totally gets you. You are naturally connected on many levels: emotional, physical and spiritual.

He is someone who makes your life easier, adds value and admires you for who you are. You feel feminine, relaxed and at peace when you are together. He can take the lead, so you don’t have to plan dates, worry about him texting or wondering “where are we in this relationship?”

Talking to him is easy, liberating and exciting. You and he are role models for your kids, giving them the biggest gift: to live in the presence of true, deep, unconditional love.

But now you might be thinking “ Yeaa, right… this kind of stuff only exist in fairy tales.”

At this point

Thinking of dating makes your stomach turn a little

Or you might be dating guys who are not entirely available (emotionally) or otherwise

You feel stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed when it comes to love

Fear of repeating old patterns is holding you back

You’ve been lied to, betrayed and hurt to the point where it’s hard to trust a man

I hear you, girlfriend. I’ve totally been there.

At this point you might start thinking (I know I did) “there has gotta be something wrong with me”

Truthbomb #1:: 96% of our relationship decisions are made by a subconscious mind. That’s right, only 4% of you is consciously deciding which guy to pick, what to do, or what to say.

This is why over 80% of the children of addicts will marry one, in spite of the fact that consciously, first hand, they know it’s a hard way to live.

This is why relationship coaching and counseling produces little to no results (unless coaches use the tools that help you make the subconscious conscious)  

For years I felt UNSUPPORTED in my life and biz. I remember feeling lonely even in a room filled with 100 people (yep, being married does not necessarily make loneliness go away). I cried in the shower because I felt HOPELESS and HELPLESS. The feeling of being stuck was soo strong, that I remember turning to alcohol and sleep medication for temporary relief.

So, I started looking for help… During the 9 years of my {pretty crappy} marriage, I tried just about everything to help me figure it out and “save” the marriage

I went to 3 different therapists, worked with a dozen EFT and Faster EFT Practitioners, and read book after book on relationships, like “Mars and Venus”, “Love Dare”,  “Languages of Love”, “Marriage Fitness” and many more.

The truth is there is no “pill” or short cut when it comes to figuring it out, but there are #truthbombs that accelerate the process of creating conscious loving partnerships.

Little did I know, the secret is not in changing others, better communication or getting more love.

Truthbomb #2 :: When you are in the picture, you cannot see the entire picture.

“For anyone considering work with Olga I would whole-heartedly recommend her. Here are just a few reasons why I loved working with her:

1.Being able to help me see my subconscious programs I was living out of…that is a talent in itself.

2. Reassurance when I told her my problem, that it was a was a common program and that it could be worked on. (Hearing that was a huge relief)

3. Helped me experience new things…for example after one session I felt like I had been given an injection of self-confidence.

I’m glad I followed my instincts and chose Olga. My life is better for it.”

Caitriona McMahon


And even though talking to a friend might feel good, it’s often the blind leading the blind. I believe success leaves clues and working with a professional is a faster way to getting the results that you want.  

In January of 2017, I went through a divorce. It was not easy and a trying period of my life, given that my ex was against the divorce. But what came as  a huge surprise is how AMAZING I could feel being a single mama.  That was the complete opposite of what I’d been told. Plus only  a couple of years ago, I was too terrified to even say the words “divorce” or “single mom”…

Now that I know: releasing inner subconscious limitations is the key, my life has completely changed.

In May 2017, only 6 month after the divorce, I met Ernie, an amazing deep man, who is ridiculously close to the “ideal man” entry I wrote in my journal the previous winter. I am honored to call this man my husband now.

Now, I am on a mission to help other women go from single and stuck to being in a connected, loving partnership.

This is why I created “Tap into LOVE” –  my signature Method that helps successful woman create connected, supportive and committed relationships, even after a painful divorce or separation.

Truthbomb #3:: How to find your soulmate? Well, that’s easy: just make a list of what you want him to be and …. Become that.

This is what coaching with me is all about: aligning yourself with your vision. Once you tap into the version of yourself that you are yearning for, the rest is simple. Including attracting the kind of partner that is right for you.

The tap into love method is the culmination of me learning EVERYthing there is to learn about love and relationships and then figuring out what others did not.

It’s not just tapping (even the Faster EFT style), it’s not just coaching, it’s not just giving you assignments,  it’s a proven and tested method to tap into the version of yourself that is aligned with the partner you desire.

Meet Verity

Update: Yes Jason and I are celebrating 8 months this week! We are ridiculously inlove and it is vomit worthy laughing

We’ve had our disagreements and conflict but they’ve brought us closer together allowing us to feel safe to make mistakes and still be loved.

Verity M


What is the Tap into LOVE  Program?

“Tap into love” is a 4 month 1-1 Coaching program, that incorporates tools to make subconscious changes, like tapping and more, so you can {finally} meet a guy who matches your ability to give and receive love.

It is drastically different than other methods, as it combines the most profound tools for change with my 5+ years experience with relationship coaching and tapping as an Advanced Faster EFT practitioner.

Here are the stages that I’ll be taking you through:

>> Module 1:: Self worth and self love mastery

  • How to fall in love with yourself
  • How to live with an open heart, even if it hurts
  • How to release old relationship programs
  • The true meaning of forgiveness

>> Module 2:: How to trust a man again

  • Unconscious loving and codependency
  • How to TRULY get over your ex
  • The law of attraction for trust
  • How to trust yourself with love decisions

>> Module 3:How to attract the right guy

  • Things to do BEFORE you start dating
  • How to have fun and create an attitude of non-attachment
  • How to choose a man who chooses you
  • What do guys really want?

>> Module 4:: Dating 101

  • 80/20 rule of dating and relationships
  • Unspoken dating rules, that “everybody” knows
  • The do’s and don’ts of modern dating
  • Online profile and online dating etiquette

>> Module 5:: How to communicate your needs

  • How to talk openly about sex, money and emotions
  • How to have difficult conversations with ease  
  • Healthy boundaries
  • The do’s and don’ts of healthy interactions

>> Module 6:: How to KEEP love

  • Conscious loving ever after
  • How to BE with a superior man
  • Claiming creativity and keeping your agreements
  • The ONLY problem you EVER need to adress to keep love


Your Investment: $2000

If you always wanted to work with me book your free consultation now, before the price increase.

 These spots will fill out quickly. Click below to apply for your free consult today.

Have a question and would like to schedule a FREE 30 minute introductory consult to make sure it’s a good fit?

Meet Ann-Sophie

Working with Olga was and is one of the best experiences ever.

Olga is super fun to work with, she makes you laugh about issues that seem so serious but at the same time, she has great empathy and lots of wisdom to share. I always leave our sessions feeling relieved, renewed and much, much lighter.

My life has changed tremendously since working with Olga and although our sessions aren’t as regularly as at the beginning, I always love coming back for a session when “stuff” comes up.

Thank you for all you do, Olga. <3

Anne - Sophie Reinhardt


Wondering if this program is for you? This might help:

It’s a good fit if you are

You’re in a relationship but aren’t sure if it’s really the right one.

Feeling frustrated after tapping sessions, relationship coaching, therapy, ect. even though it brought some results, it didn’t really get you there

Ready for deeper changes and guidance from someone who was able to achieve what you want.

Someone who takes responsibility for your own happiness and decisions.

Willing invest in yourself and your future

May not be for you if

You aren’t ready to take action to  make changes in your life.

You aren’t ready to take action to  make changes in your life.

You think that guys, online dating, or the city you live in are the problem of why you are single.

You aren’t interested in a long term relationship

You aren’t willing to put in the effort and make time for the program.

FAQ's about the Tap into Love program

Here are some commonly asked questions that might help you decide if this is the right fit:

Why the “Tap into Love Program?” What makes her different from other Faster EFT practitioners or Relationship coaches?

Faster EFT is a superior tool to make changes when it comes to relationships. BUT. Without practical steps and exercises that go beyond the Faster EFT scope, all the mindset work might be in vain. In my coaching, I combine my 5 year experience of being a Level 4 Faster EFT practitioner with tools I’ve learned from my personal journey, business education and working with an Advanced Faster EFT practitioner 1-1 for 4 years.   

I’ve invested over $20,000 in tools, education, and private coaching over the last 2 years alone.  In my work, I digest, combine and simplify it for you, so you can learn from my experience and get results faster and with less investment.

Are there any deadlines?

Yes, the Early bird special of $1,400 ends on May 16th. The registration of the program closes on May 23rd. The first module goes live in the first week of June. You will also get the link to my calendar to schedule our first 1-1 session with me for the following week.

Can I join later?

Yes, you can. Helping women with their love lives is my mission and life purpose. So, I am not going anywhere. Although, I do have a limited number of spots for this program and once they are filled, it may take a few months until I open more.

Plus the early bird special beta pricing soon and once it’s gone, the price goes back up to $1,500.

So, if you know that this is your time and you are ready to STOP those unhealthy relationships and mindset cycles, jump on this train now.


What is your coaching style?

Great question, I am glad you asked.

One of my key personality traits is that I am brutally honest. And the truth is, most of my clients value that skill. They appreciate that I call things out and help them see things that they consciously or subconsciously hide from themselves.

I also have VERY contagious positive energy. Many of my clients will tell me that things are happening for them just because they are hanging out with me. LOL: their biz picks up, relationships improve, they get money coming in unexpectedly, and they even lose weight.

I also am a massive action taker and will encourage you to do and be the same.

Bottom line: if you are not ready to do the work and not ready for {most likely} fast changes, we probably are not a good fit to work together. But something tells me you are ready, and that’s why I’m reaching out to you

What outcomes can I expect as result of us working together?

Let’s talk {brutally honest} about the outcomes. I want you to understand that by working with me, you are entering a partnership. A partnership with someone who not only has what you want (soulful relationships), but  also figured out steps to help you get there. As you might have heard, it only took me 18 months after my divorce  to … no, not just start dating, or find a boyfriend, or get into relationships, or get engaged. It took me 18 months to GET MARRIED.  To a man of my dreams, someone who was thanking God this very morning, that I am his gift and how happy he is that I am in his life.

I am not here to help you find a man. I am here to help you find the type of relationship where 1+1 = 100. The sexy, juicy, supportive, lasting and deep one. The one that aligns with your soul. Where you feel valued, appreciated and accepted…just as you are.

“I have worked with Olga Bochareva many times, she’s amazing! I had the opportunity to work on relationships with her and it changed my entire perspective! I felt better & more positive right away!  If you haven’t worked with Olga, you’re missing out… I highly recommend her!

Actually, after we  tapped last year in July…  within a month I met the man of my dreams. Seriously, it’s amazing how well this works!”


Houston, TX

Meet Jayme. She met her boyfriend within a month after our first session, and they are still (over a year) happily together:

If 2019 is your year to shift out of old relationship patterns and bring on a partner who aligns with your values, please join me inside of the “Tap into LOVE” program

Your Investment: $2000

If you always wanted to work with me book your free consultation now, before the price increase.

 These spots will fill out quickly. Click below to apply for your free consult today.

Have a question and would like to schedule a FREE 30 minute introductory consult to make sure it’s a good fit?

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