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Quote of the Week

Hey gorgeous

Last night Ernie and myself put the kids down, lit up a candle and cuddle up on the coach with the cuppa tea. As we were sharing our day, he happened to mentioned that he drove to the part of the town where he used to live and he was passing by the park that used to trigger him A LOT with some heavy negative and unpleasant memories. As he was approaching the park, part up he was thinking: I’m about to start getting triggered.

As he approached the park, he came to discover that he didn’t experience any negative emotions at all. He was a bit surprised, but the truth is, we have tapped on some of the memories together. It did not took long time and was not complicated at all, but now he can live his life and his own terms without caring the language of the past.

It pains my heart to see how many people are unable to do this. They either don’t have tools or just don’t know that this kind of tools do exist. They are relieving the past trauma over and over.

And this is why I am so passionate about educating and helping people to release the heavy experiences, so that they can be emotionally healthier and happier.

Let me ask you:

  • How would it feel to look back at the choices you’ve and be 100% at peace with them?
  • Would you lie feel like if old memories, experiences and people in your life no longer trigger you?


Here are my top 5 most viewed videos to the rescue.

On a journey to creating a happier relationship? Well, look no further. As you know my specialty is helping you create more love and ease in your intimate life. This video will help you attract a new partner from a healthier place: Video #41: 3 Keys to Attracting Your Ideal Relationships Using Faster EFT


One of my favorite money mentors Denise Duffield Thomas said it best: “If I’d only be allowed to have two personal development tools for the rest of my life, I’d pick Forgiveness + EFT”. If you feel blame or guilt you will always self sabotage your money and relationships. Why? Because guilt requires punishment. Thus consciously or subconsciously you find ways to punish yourself. Forgiveness to the rescue: Video #56 : How to forgive someone who lied or betrayed you

Feeling not good enough is one of the TOP limiting believes we as humans hold on to on many levels. The problem with this one is that it will derail you from what you need to do. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Another truth: nobody, I mean nobody can fullfill your confidence. So, stop looking for external validations that you are worthy and deserving and get tapping instead. #60: Feeling not good enough? Here are the 3 ways to Clear it

Want to polish your tapping skills and master tapping on yourself?Watch video #24: How to do faster EFT session on yourself. The truth is, even if you are working with a professional, knowing how to clear your triggers is a superior. So, lets get tapping, shall we?

If you feel like procrastination getting the best out of you, Video #37: Slaying the Procrastination Dragon with Faster EFT is for you. Tapping on putting things away can bring sometime so much more and create lightness that will help you zap through your tasks.


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