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How is your meditapping practice going?

It’s been about 10 days since we’ve started. I’ve been fairly diligent and I also meditated every day, most days for the full hour + made a tapping video on my FB page. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Since my deepest passion is helping women find love, most of the videos are naturally relationship related, but there are a few that are just a raw expression of my heart.

Also, it has truly been fascinating to observe my inner changes. And even though, when I’m meditating it’s best to release any expectations, the changes has been so profound I can’t help but share:

  1. I don’t have the nagging feeling: “there is something I should be doing, but am not”
  2. My abundance level is different (signed up 2 new clients this week already)
  3. I am more present and at peace
  4.  I am slowing down, not  being overwhelmed
  5. Becoming more attentive and a better listener
  6. Clearly see what tasks in biz move me forward and which ones are wasting time
  7. I eat better, make healthier choices  
  8. Want to move more (plus REALLY feeling it in bathata class this sunday)
  9. I am getting my master class tapping library in the world
  10. I am committing  to work on the core CEO task of my biz: my ‘Tap into love’ signature Method every day this week for at least 2h/day. (Watch this space :))

I’d love to hear some of your observations and insights. Hit reply and let me know or pop into our FB group and share there #meditapping.

If you haven’t started meditapping, please join in anytime. And it’s totally not too late.

Meanwhile, I spent a good couple of hours today loading up all the videos I’ve created by far to my utube channel. I came to discover that I have 99 (!!!) videos there already. So, we’ll need to do a little celebration when we hit 100 next week. Here’s the videos from the #meditapping series this week. Enjoy!

Day 4 : Why is it harder to RECEIVE than to GIVE.

Day 5: 100 Things I am grateful for.

Day 6: What to do if he is not texting back? 37 things to do instead of worrying.

Day 7: Why intense INNER GROWTH often feels like its PULLING US AWAY from people we love.

Day 8: True or false: The longer you are SINGLE, the harder it is to find LOVE?

Day 9: Please, STOP trying to save your man or waiting for him to change!

Missed videos from last week? No worries. Here are the links to catch up:

Day 1: Welcome + Your BIG why behind meditapping.

Day 2: Tapping away comparasitis.

Day 3:  Feeling resistance? Tapping on the “It’s not working” feeling.

Keep on meditapping 🙂

All my love,


P.S. Keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow morning, as I have a special announcement coming your way friday at 12/7 at 9:00 a.m CST.

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