If you feel a bit lost when it comes to dating in a time of the pandemic, you are not alone. But just because we live in complicated times, does not mean that your love life has to be complicated.

I get a lot of questions on the topic:

  • How to navigate through dating and relationships during this time?
  • Is time just to put everything on hold?
  • Is it okay to do online dating?
  • How do you even do offline dating safely now?

Today we’ll talk about some options that will help you move forward in meeting your soulmate.

But, first, I wanted to share my vision with you: what I see is a lot of stories and a lot of people who met each other during the pandemic. And a year or two from now celebrating a lot of happy couples and marriages for women in my community.

I want you to get excited, dream big, and envision something beautiful for yourself because I believe it’s totally possible.

When it comes to dating during COVID 19 pandemic, I see most women choosing one of 3 options. To learn my recommendations about each option and examples of how women making it work now, check out this quick 7 min video:


Pandating: How to navigate dating during the pandemic 


Prefer to read instead? Here is the transcript of the video: 

So, the first one is – it’s the perfect time to do some inner work. So, if you’ve followed me for any period of time, you’ve heard me saying: “As you change within, your relationships transform”, or “Nobody will ever love and appreciate you more than you love and appreciate yourself”. So, this is an amazing time to be single, to build-in an awesome relationship with yourself, get connected with yourself, and get to know yourself. 

A colleague of mine made a video about why it’s so good to be very-very single. She said that being very single is much better than being in a bad relationship or being in a stuck position. So, if you are in this place, I want you to celebrate your singleness and get excited about things that you can do with your life right now. You can do yoga, you can meditate, you can go on a walk, you can do Artist’s Way – this is one of the amazing programs that help you connect with yourself, your creativity, your soul, who you truly are on the deeper level, that I recommend to a lot of my clients and I’ve done myself. So, if you’ve never done Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and you’re leaning towards this first option, which is to take some time to get to know you, to connect with you and to just create a happy life for yourself because the secret to a good relationship is to have a happy life then this is a wonderful opportunity to do that.

The second option is online dating. That’s the way where you decide just to connect with people online but don’t go offline for an in-person dating yet. And I have a client who is actually in Moscow now and she met somebody who is here in the United States and they are so in love! I know it sounds a little ridiculous because they’ve never actually met in person, but they’ve been seeing each other for a few weeks now online. They send gifts to each other [it’s him sending her gifts, mostly], they watch movies together via Skype, they even cook meals together and have these beautiful deep conversations. They are feeling very connected, and she mentioned that she feels, actually, being very blessed of not having the physical component to this, because it allows them to connect on an emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level. 

Now, the truth about this particular couple is that they are looking forward to the borders to open and for them to see each other in person. So, they do not envision themselves doing online dating forever, but this is where they are right now and they’re really excited to explore this relationship, and I see a lot of potential in this particular relationship.

So, the third way that you can explore in your love life is to do both online and offline dating. Again, it greatly depends on where you are in the world. At the moment of creating this blog, which is mid-August, the United States is not a good place to see people in person because of how fast the virus is spreading and it’s just not very safe. But again, it depends on where you are in the world and maybe in some parts of the United States it is not an issue. 

And for this particular case, I wanted to share a couple of stories of my clients who went on dates and they felt it actually very insightful. So, one of them is somebody who lives in Europe and she was talking to this person online and they decided to do a date in a grocery store! Well, maybe, it’s not the perfect first date, but that gave her enough information to see if this is the right person or not to even continue exploring the relationship.

Another client of mine had a date last week with somebody that she knew from the past and what her gift was from that date is that she didn’t feel nervous or tense, or in any other way, she had felt before when she would be in proximity of a man. It is something that she grants to the work that she has done with herself. [Do you remember option number one – the inner work?…]. She has been working and changing some things within herself and – all of a sudden – she does not have this bad reaction of being around men. She felt safe and relaxed and she said: “I even yawned”, so for her, it was a celebration.

In the normal world, where there’s no pandemic and all the other things aside, I would actually recommend to go on a date with someone and get to know them within maybe 2 weeks of meeting them online. But again, this is a different set of circumstances and you’ll have to make the best choice that you see for yourself in this world. 

But overall, I wanted to tell you that I believe true love exists, true love is possible for you, even after divorce or separation, even if you are 50 beyond. So, if there is one thing I would want you to take out of this blog, it is that you are worthy and deserving of being in a wonderful loving relationship and I want you to take the next small inspiring step toward it. 

I would love to hear from you: which one of those three options I mentioned in the video you prefer? Hit reply or share with us in my private Facebook group: Dating and Relationship Support for Conscious Women.

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All my love, 



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