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I LOVE getting these “year in review” emails from other heart centered biz owners, so I wanted to share my lessons: the good, the bad and the ugly of 2018 with you.

The truth to be told this year was pretty epic, from traveling to Italy, quitting my full time job again, creating (and launching) my signature Tap into LOVE program, doing 30 days of #meditapping, getting engaged AND getting married. This was more than enough events to fill 3+ years easily.

Milestones and lessons of 2018

  1. Quitting my full time job. Again. Yep, you heard it right. So, here is the story: the first time I quit my full time job was in June 2013. At that time Vicky was just born. It was the perfect excuse for me to stay home, start my part time tutoring biz and start my Faster EFT Certification journey. I was able to sustain myself and the family for 3 years working for myself. And then… Vicky’s cancer, a divorce, and the sale of the house happened. To get some solid ground under my feet, I went back for another year of teaching (man, did that felt like a failure…). At the same time, I was dating Ernie. He is the one, by the way, who encouraged me to quit the teaching and get back to doing what I love full time. (Told you, he is a keeper).

Steal my lesson:: Going back to a full time job in NOT the end of the world. If you are an entrepreneur at heart, and you’re struggling to pay your bills, do what you gotta do to get through the tough time. But know its not the end of the world. You CAN create a life of service and freedom doing what you love.

2. Traveling to ITALIA. Now, this one, my friends, was one of my lifelong dreams. I was visualizing this baby FOR YEARS. Turns out 2018 was the year of impossible dreams coming true. In winter I mentioned to Ernie that I’d love to travel to Europe. In spring we picked a place. In summer my ex picked up kids for a whole month, and in July we were on a plane over the Atlantic sipping on some DYI apple martinis (don’t ask, another story for another time LOL).

Steal my lesson: DREAM BIG. If your dreams are not coming true yet, all that means is there’s a better time for it. Can I just tell you how happy I am that I DID NOT go on that trip with my ex? That would be craaaazy. Traveling with E though, was a breeze. It’s like every single day was better than the one before. Soooo many happy memories.

3. Getting engaged and getting married. I love getting married. This year alone we did it twice. First time to seal the deal in August: we wanted to make it official before moving in together. Yep, Ernie is old fashioned that way. And then another time around in October, when my family from Russia could actually come over and witness us exchanging sacred vows. It felt like we did this whole thing completely out of order: engaged, honey moon, married and only then the wedding. But, hey, it totally worked for us.

Steal my lesson: Make up your own rules. Shall you wait two years before starting to date? Another two before you’re engaged? Live together before you get married? Wait for at least 6 months after engagement? Maybe. There is no wrong or right way of doing it when it comes to YOUR happiness. It’s totally okay to make it up. And then change your mind, if you feel like it. Totally okay too. Define it, and if it works for you, you ARE doing it right.

4. Creating my Signature “Tap into LOVE” method. Now, this one was a labor of love. So, what is the Tap into LOVE™ program? This program is the result of my 10+ year journey of learning and teaching just about every element to creating a soulful and connected relationship.

This program is literally a proven reverse engineered process on how I attracted a deep, meaningful partner. And now it’s your time to tap into my wisdom (pun intended :)) and take the steps to create the kind of relationship YOU want. I created it for smart, conscious women (that’s you), who want to call in connected, supportive and committed relationships, even after a number of failed relationships.

If you want to check it out: here is the invitation page. I still have two spots left for the January start date. If 2019 is your year to manifest a great supportive partner, fill out the application for a FREE consult at the bottom of this page.

Steal my lesson: The only true currency in LOVE. You can always make more money, but one day you’ll wake up and realize that the ONLY thing you ever truly wanted was to expand in your ability to give and receive love. Make that a priority over anything else.

5. #Meditapping. I dreamed about this project for at least a year and a half. I am very excited to share that today was the LAST day of my 30 day meditapping journey ( meditating + making a video on my FB page). I’ll be making a video right after I finish this newsletter. 30 days of meditating were epic. This practice gave me a push and courage to get my Tap into LOVE method into the world. For that, I am eternally grateful. What I came to discover though, is that even though I love meditation, and would love to make it more of a consistent practice in my life, journaling and my morning bike rides are still my favorite daily self care and self-discovery tools. By the way, I will be sending the complete 30 days of #meditapping experience your way tomorrow.

Steal my lesson: Best way to build self confidence: give a promise, keep a promise. Do things that are different and outside of your comfort zone: switch out your daily routine, do things out of order, pick a project and complete it, even if this is something that is uncomfortable (those are usually are THE best ways to grow).

6. My kids and the new husband. I am blessed with amazing kids. I have two: Vicky is 5 and Sofi is 8. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t thank God for having them in my life. And even though me and Ernie joke that “kids ruin everything” ( and often they do), I truly am grateful for them.

Here is the truth: one of the biggest reasons I got a divorce is for my kids. I wanted to create a life, where they can witness true, deep unconditional love between me and my husband. And I knew that this is not the dream I could fulfill with their dad. So, I was really curious to see what would look like when I AM with someone who deeply cares about me.

Turned out, it’s even better than I expected, as Ernie is not only an amazing husband, but also a superior dad. He helps me sooo much with the discipline, and patience and those hard conversations, that I just did not know how to have before. And he is incredibly loving and kind toward them. My kids have accepted him fully and are waiting for him to come home daily, so that we can have our old fashioned dinners as a family and share our day with each other.

Steal my lessons: Don’t fall into the old “I’ll stay married for the kids” trap. They deserve the gift of your happiness, just as much as you do. Seeing their mom in a happy, healthy relationship is the best gift you can give them. As you know, they see everything, and they pick up on how you feel. Then they go out in the world and repeat those patterns. If you are in a stuck marriage, do all you can to save and restore it, and when it’s all good and done. Let it go. It’s your time to grow up and be happy.

I hope you enjoyed this one! Now, let me know your top 3 lessons of 2018.

All my love,



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