Welcome back to The Limiting Beliefs in Relationships Video Series. Today we’ll continue to recognize, process and release blocks and subconscious traps, that keep even smart woman single and stuck. In video #3 of the series, we are addressing our childhood patterns: 

Here is what you’ll learn today: 

  • Why we always marry one of our parents
  • How to heal and get closure on our childhood relationships 
  • What is “the backward family” and how to recognize if I was born into one
  • How to change an old pattern of co-dependent relationships (aka surrounding yourself with people who are familiar and “safe” vs the ones who truly see and support you as you are) 

Block #3: I form relationships that resemble my parents’ relationships 

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Remember, you’ll get the most out of this video series if you take actions. Hit reply or comment below the video.

What childhood patterns have you been replaying? Or which of your parents did you marry?  

Can’t wait to help you tap into your best relationship ever!  

All my love,  


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