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Today I am sharing the second video from my BRAND NEW video series on subconscious blocks to love. I’ve created this series to help you understand the hidden reasons why {even smart} women stay single and out of love. By the way, if you missed the first video: “Releasing the Not Good Enough Syndrome,” you can catch it here.

Today we are talking about Limiting Belief #2:: “The Fixer Upper Syndrome.” This block can also be re-framed as:


“In My Relationships, I Let People Get Away with Destructive Behavior”


If you’ve ever been in a toxic or emotionally unavailable relationship, you know the pain of feeling stuck, helpless, and hopeless. This feeling like you are the only one putting the effort in or most of the effort. I sure have been there, as well as a lot of women I work with. Whether you are dating someone who is non-committed, or you’re in a relationship with a guy who is toxic to you (and himself), or you remember a time you constantly had to “clean up” somebody else’s mess, you don’t want to miss this video.


Now, as I mentioned, this belief is also known as The Fixer Upper Syndrome or the “savior syndrome.” Women who are ambitious and goal-oriented like myself, and probably you are, often feel like, “I’m up for a challenge. This guy has a problem, but I’ll help him fix it. I’ll help him deal with this.” Of course, as a result, very often we don’t take things for face value and end up disappointing ourselves.


Some of the more obvious examples of destructive behavior are: addictive drinking, smoking, drugs, excessive use of TV or computer games, workaholism and emotional or physical abuse. Here are some of the more subtle ones: being in non-committed relationships (especially for an extended period of time), not living up to full potential, inability to take responsibility or make decisions, staying in a mediocre relationship (especially when its long run its course), ect.


I remember listening to one of the videos of a dating coach and he said something profound. He said, ‘If you are with someone, who has “ a lot of potential”, but nothing is actually happening, you are lying to yourself, wanting for that guy to be someone he is not. It’s ok to take things for face value, and it’s ok to let it go.”

Today, we’ll take the next step to look within, to bring these blocks out in the open, and to release them. Click below to watch the second video of the series:



Remember, you’ll get the most out of this video series if you take actions. Hit reply or comment on below the video.

What type of destructive or toxic behavior do you let people in your life get away with?

This community is an amazing group of conscious, heart-centered women, and we are here to encourage and lift you up.

Can’t wait to help you tap into your best relationship ever!

All my love,


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