“Truth is sexy” ~ Gay Hendrix

One of the things I am most proud of in my life, is relationship with my husband.

But it was not always the case….

I still remember the pain of not being heard … After 10+ years of being in a dysfunctional marriage it was all becoming way too repetitive…

– Attempts to talk about money would end in fights …

– Talking about sex was non existent (after that one time I tried and he gotten angry) …

– And talking about emotions left me feeling stupid and needy (‘You still not over that things that happened yesterday? He’d say, just get over it already”)


I wish I had some one to tell me then what I am about to share with you today...It took me a while to discover that communication challenges are almost never about communication.

Last night I had to share some #miscroscopic truth with Ernie.It was something deep, scary and profound, that I was not able to admit even myself, at first. Despite of the old fear, of not being heard, it was liberating to notice how understanding he was and how safe I felt sharing this life changing perspective with him.

The true reason, I was not able to speak to with my ex partner effectively in the past, is, because I did not have the ability to be fully honest with myself yet.

In today’s video I’ll share with you 3 keys to creating better communication both within yourself and with your partner.


How to speak your TRUTH (without feeling unheard or getting triggered)



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All my love,


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