This video was inspired by a recent session that I had with an amazing client of mine. Together we were working through some feelings around her recent breakup.

If you have been through a separation lately (or even a long time ago) that is still heavy on your heart let’s tap on this together.

Whether you were the one who initiated the breakup or it was your partner’s idea, breakups are never easy. You may experience feelings of not good enough, regret, guilt, and deep sadness. All of those are normal, and they are part of the healing process.

My biggest dream for you is to learn how to feel, process, and release those feelings in a healthy way.

Tapping is one of the best tools to help you heal both past and recent breakups.

This way we no longer bring our past hurts into the present or future, and instead build a healthy foundation for happy and mature relationships.


In this video below I will share with you three mindset shifts that will help you to go through the breakup with more ease, heal the pain, and move on with your life.

Tune in to the video below and then hit reply and let me know what resonated the most for you.

How to release the feeling of REGRET around breakup


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