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Now, if you’ve been following me for a while, you might have heard me talk a LOT about how someone like me can go from toxic marriage and complicated divorce to happily ever after.

And even though I talk about finding love within 6 month of divorce and getting married only a year after we met, there is more to the story.

I remember distinctly like now, August 2014 going to Faster EFT Certified Practitioner website and searching for a practitioner who specializes in relationships. Since then we’ve worked closely for weeks, followed by monthly “maintenance” tapping. Restoring my trust in man was a crucial piece to finding a partner, who aligned with my values.

So wherever you are on this journey. Don’t wait, start now.

The inner work I’ve done not only improved my life beyond belief, but also inspired me to help others experience deep fulfillment and love with their intimate partner.

And today we are going back to basics: The trust issues: “How to learn to trust again after being betrayed, lied to or cheated on”

Here is what you’ll learn from the video:

My personal story of being lied to (embarrassing)
What are the “benefits” you holding on to
How to start to shift out of the pain
Tapping round on letting go of the resentment

Below is the schedule of all the episodes in the series with clickable links, in case you happen to miss one 🙂


“Restore your TRUST in man” 5 part tapping series

Every Thursday at 2.00 pm CST LIVE on my biz Facebook business page

October the 11th: Three reasons why restoring your trust in man is a game changer

October the 18th: How to learn to trust again after being betrayed, lied to or cheated on

October the 25th: Learning to trust yourself: the key to authentic decision making in relationships.

November, the 1st: Trust and Forgiveness: What are you holding on to?

November, the 8th: Q and A on trust issues and beyond.

Mark your calendar and I’ll see you soon!!

Can’t wait to help you tap into your best relationships ever!

All my love,


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