Are you putting off dating?

Many women would say, I’ll start dating when:

  • I heal emotionally and spiritually
  • I lose weight
  • At least a year passes since my break up/ divorce
  • When kids grow up
  • I get a new job
  • I’ve paid off my debt
  • I update my wardrobe…
  • etc…

The truth is, I see way too many women postponing dating till ‘someday’…

The best time to start dating?


(Of course, please do adhere to Coronavirus precaution/lockdown guidelines for your region)

And, yes, sure, there are cases, when dating is not recommended and used as a distraction (I talk about two specific ones in the video below).

But for many conscious women in my community, the opposite is true: they wait too long (and sometimes never really start dating).

Remember, it’s almost never possible for someone to be COMPLETELY healed. All of us have triggers and it’s good to continue addressing them as you start dating.

Not only that, but I am here to argue that dating might help you heal FASTER. For two simple reasons:

1. When you start meeting new people, it may bring up just what you need to release in the first place.

2. When you meet the right guy, you’ll accelerate each other’s healing journey.

The latter is certainly true for me: I remember tapping with Ernie or simply looking into his eyes and that alone was shedding off years of ‘not good enough’.

I invite you to give an honest look into the reasons why you are putting off dating? How many of them are genuine? How many are just excuses?

Be honest with yourself. Is it time for you to start dating?


Watch the video below to hear my insight.

How to know if you are ready to start dating?


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