In the last couple of weeks I’ve worked with more than one client on clearing the residue of a past affair… If your partner (or ex partner) has ever cheated on you, you know the pain of betrayal, that comes with this unfortunate experience.

Regardless of how long ago the event took place, the aftermath of the event often affects our current love life.

The bad newsinfidelity can scar us, often leaving us feeling not good enough or even guilty {as if, somehow WE are the ones who committed adultery}.

The good news: Tapping is a great tool to heal that wound, so its no longer sabotaging your present (or future) relationship.


This video is for you, if:

  • You been cheated on in the past, and afraid to meet another guy just like that
  • You are in relationship now, but having hard time trusting your partner (a sign, that we need to heal that wound)
  • You have been in a good relationship, but sabotaged it on some level due to lingering trauma

If you are noticing that old ugly fears and doubts are resurfacing up, chances are you need to do some tapping around the event, so that you can clear that energy once and for all. This way you can stop any projections, clear triggers and see things for what they are vs playing horror movies in your head.


{New Video} How to heal the wound of an affair …


In this video we’ve covered:

– How to stop creating bad stories and replaying them in your mind

– Why clearing the residue of infidelity is a great thing for your love life

– How do you know that you actually HAVE cleared it (how to check)

– Tapping round: it’s safe for me to let this go and attract a healthier relationship moving forward


Here is that link to watch the video again


Faster EFT is a powerful tool to help you uncover and release any limiting beliefs and fears that holding you back from creating the kind of relationship you always wanted.

If you are ready to go deeper and heal past love wounds for good, so that you can build a healthy foundation for a future loving relationship, let’s talk. Click here, to learn more about how we can work together and apply for your FREE introductory consultation.


IMPORTANT: Just a quick heads up on my upcoming price increase. As of February 1st the price for my “Tap into Love” VIP coaching program will be going up from $1,500 to $2,000 and my hourly rate will be going from $197/hour to $247/hour. So, if you wanted to get my help for you love live, make sure to book some time to chat with me in the next couple of weeks, before the price increase.

During the chat I’ll help you understand how to recognize and release your personal version of self sabotage, so that you can build a healthy foundation to attract {and keep} the kind of partner you desire. We will also explore if we are a good fit to work together within my Signature 1-1 ‘Tap into LOVE’ program.



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