Quote of the week:

If they don’t value, support or appreciate you, they don’t deserve you.
Let them go and find somebody with a better taste who will.
~ Robert G Smith

A lot is happening here behind the scenes at Olga’s.

With Ernie’s biz growing, he have been feeling a bit stressed and behind on his tasks. Thus, some sleepless nights came in. So, he was up last night working from 2 – 4 am in the morning (!!!). Yes, I offered him to tap, and yes, we might do it to night LOL.

I myself have been quite emotional (its that time of the month). I am also learning how to process my mood swings in a healthier way. One of my biggest lessons this year is:


TO ALLOW MYSELF FEEL EMOTIONS IN THE MOMENT (vs stuffing them down in my body)

You see, emotions are like a compass for you: if it feels good, keep on going in that direction. If it does not: uturn!!!

This week I had a couple of emotional days and it took me awhile to give myself permission to fully feel and express it in a healthy way. Once I’ve done so, I noticed I don’t even need even tap a lot. The openness and acceptance of where I am RIGHT NOW washes away negativity from my body almost immediately.

As result of this work, one of the things I am most proud of in my life is: the ability to talk openly about my feelings with my husband.


It feels soooo liberating to be able to have a heartfelt conversation about your emotions with your partner. To be with some one who is patient and gentle enough to give you space to express and process your emotions, without judging, feeling insecure or blaming.


Another reason to deal with your feelings and resolve it is:

Unaddressed emotions get stored in your body and manifests as physical diseases and illnesses.

What emotions or feelings do YOU need to process today? Hit reply and let me know.

For me: I was dealing with sadness, rejection and embarrassment.

Speaking of emotions, in today’s blog we are talking about feelings that come up when you are going through a to break up, divorce or separation.



Going through a break up is one of the life’s 5 top most dramatic experiences.

Whether you’ve been married, dated for years or even only weeks, it hurts neither the less.

It is crucial to give yourself time and space to process the left over emotions in your body. Notice the feelings of anger, disappointment, sadness or anything else that’s coming up. You may even feel physical pain in your body.


Today, it’s your time to let it go. Let’s tap together. Click here to watch the video and tap along.

If you need some help clearing the aftermath of your break up, separation or divorce, I’d love to help!

A client of mine once told me that clearing her negative feelings after a break up was the best thing she ever did for her life and biz:

“I felt unworthy and not good enough. My confidence hit rock bottom.I meditated, did Yoga and affirmations. I was able to ACCESS my feelings and fully feel them. But, no matter what, they would not go away.Finally, after tapping with you all that GUILT, SHAME and DISAPPOINTMENT have {finally} disappeared. Now, I am fully booked up and I don’t even have a website yet.”


I will help you get to the root of your rejection patterns and teach you the tools to release them (yep, it can be that easy).

After going through a divorce in January 2017 It took me less than 6 months to start dating and find an amazing, deep man who supports and appreciates me as I am. I am honored to call this man my husband now.


Fun bonus: He encouraged me to quit my full time job, so that I can pursue my life’s calling: helping women find true love.

By the way, if you are new to my work, I am an Advanced Faster EFT Practitioner and Relationships coach and have been helping women with limiting beliefs and fears for over 6 years.

Can’t wait to help you tap into your best relationship ever!

All my love,



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