How are things in your part of the world? I know the U.S. is ranked on the top of countries most affected by the virus, but here in Houston TX, we are still on the lower end of the list in terms of the number of cases.

We have a lot of restrictions on our lives now, and we’re staying home most of the time, but overall I consider myself blessed. I am being inconvenienced as opposed to struggling now. We pray daily for those who are on a frontline, as well as those who have been affected by this disease both physically or/and financially.

I can’t guarantee that I have an answer, but I’ll tap for you remotely, include you in our prayers and will send you a virtual hug.

We are doing our best to keep ourselves and the kids busy and entertained. We’ve tried quite a few new recipes, learned a new game “Ticket to Ride” (it’s pretty AWESOME!!!) and we’re still getting fresh air regularly.

The raspberry mini eclairs in the picture above were super easy to make, and they were mostly made by the girls. Here is the video of the recipe, if you want to check it out.

Yesterday, I made a new tapping video to help process feelings of loneliness, rejection, and abandonment.

If you’ve been feeling a bit lonely and isolated during the last few days or even weeks, join me for some tapping today.

In this video I cover:

– 3 easy things you can do to combat the feeling of loneliness

– How to create an inner “vaccine” to strengthen your immune system

– A tapping round on clearing rejection, abandonment, and the feeling of isolation

Also, as I mentioned in my email last week, I’ll be doing a FB live every Wednesday morning at 10:00 A.M. CST, here on my my FB page for the month of April. Pop it onto your calendar, and I hope to see you there next week.

I’m happy to answer any questions or help you clear feelings that are surfacing in this uneasy time. Pop it onto your calendar now, so you won’t forget and join me here.

Ready for the next step? Here is how I can support you moving forward:


Book a 2-hour special with me at 50% off now ($250 for 2 tapping sessions vs full price of $500). Together we’ll help you get grounded and feel at peace, even in the midst of emotional turbulence in both your life and relationships.

Any questions about this offer? Just replay and let me know.

Note: The special is 2 hours for $250 (even though the description states 1 hour, could not quite figure out how to change it in the setting).


Even though active dating is not something I recommend now (obviously). This time could be a perfect time to go within and heal your love blocks. This way a few months down the road, when life is back to normal, you can manifest the right partner into your life with ease. You don’t have to do it alone and if attracting your soulmate is on your list, let’s work together to make it happen.

You can learn more on how I help women via my signature “Tap into Love” program here and book a FREE 30-min consult here.

All my love,


P.S. Did you know that I have a private Facebook group “Tap into your best relationships”? It’s a safe and connected space to pick my brain for free, ask tapping and relationship questions, as well as connect with like-minded conscious women? This is where I share my favorite resources daily on how to stay on a high vibe consistently, despite outer circumstances. You can join us here.

P.P.S. Join me for a FREE live tapping session on my FB page next Wednesday at 10.00 A.M. CST. Together we can get through this uneasy time. Pop it onto your calendar now, so you don’t forget.

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