How to Clear Bad Memories with Faster EFT

Brand New Training “How to Clear Bad Memories with Faster EFT”

Do you find yourself SABOTAGING your MONEY, RELATIONSHIPS  and HEALTH and you just can’t work out why?

Are you ready to let go of the SUBCONSCIOUS programmings that does not serve you anymore?

As we go through our life, we are being fed with millions and millions of memories. That collection of memories form our belief system, which became a road map from which we create our life journey and our reality.

“Memories buried alive never die, they just come back in a different pair of shoes usually bigger and uglier ones”

~Robert G Smith, founder of Faster EFT

Memories are the most powerful forms of affirmations, as they hold more then just words, they hold pictures, feelings, stories, videos, tastes and smells. The key to change is addressing and changing the memories.

Best news? In this training I’ll teach you how. Just opt in below and follow along as I guide you through a simple 3 step process on how to make changes to even the darkest memories (aka affirmations).

We have so many subconscious programs running in the background, and these impact on so many areas:

  • Our ability to RECEIVE abundance and love
  • Our ability to KEEP the good things in our lives
  • Our ability to SPEND money
  • Self Sabotage
  • … and so much more

This quick step by step training will help you uncover and clear the beliefs, so you can move forward in your biz, life and relationships without tripping over the blocks.


All my love,


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