Have you ever had a Facebook bringing up a memory from 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 years ago with a suggestion to share? Now, I am sure Facebook thinks, this is just to brighten up your day and to share a happy memory from the past, but I’d argue different.

I had them popping up on my feed A LOT lately… and you know who is there often? My ex husband. I thought I tapped out most of the memories and changed my perspective to many aspects of my former marriage, but I am still finding FB memories as a great tool to heal.


Do you have similar memories popping up in your FB feed? May be its someone who is not longer in your life? Or a place that you miss? An event that triggers some strong emotions. Today I want to encourage you to use this as an opportunity to heal. Next time when you are on FB and a memory pops up, notice, how does it REALLY make you feel and tap on it.


So, can Facebook REALLY help you create deeper relationships with yourself and others? YES! If you use it as an opportunity to address your emotions and deal with past triggers, vs merely scrolling through the feed.

Here is a quick overview on how to change memory:


How to change bad memory with Faster EFT?

The 7 steps for clearing each memory


1. Pick a memory. Rate your emotional reaction to it ( 0: not at all, 10: very strong).

2. Notice how you know that it’s bothering you (pictures, sounds, sensations, etc)

3. Tap on it (see the video for demo)

4. Step into the happy memory, be there, feel what you felt

5. Check in with yourself. Does the memory still bother you?

Did something else come up?

6. Repeat the rounds until the intensity is very low (2-3) or 0.

7. Flip the memory (rewrite the story, choose a different perspective or angle, so that when you look back at it – it’s neutral)


Safety Tip: Be careful not to go too deep into the story, if you feel like you are getting sucked into it too much pull yourself out by reminding yourself, “It’s all over… I do not not exist in the past… The past is in the past. I am okay now, my life is continually improving.


 Click the image below to watch the video


I’ve created to help you implement these steps on changing a PAINFUL memory

As we go through our life, we are being fed with millions and millions of memories. That collection of memories form our belief system, which became a road map from which we create our life journey and our reality.


“Memories buried alive never die, they just come back in a

different pair of shoes usually bigger and uglier ones”

~Robert G Smith


Remember, memories are the most powerful forms of affirmations, as they hold more then just words, they hold pictures, feelings, stories, videos, tastes and smells.

The key to change is addressing and changing the memories.


In the video below I’ll teach you how. Just follow along as I guide you through a simple 3 step process on how to make changes to even the darkest memories.

We have many subconscious programs running in the background, and they impact on so many levels:

  • Our ability to RECEIVE abundance and love
  • Our ability to KEEP the good things in our lives
  • Our ability to GIVE love
  • Relationships Self Sabotage
  • … and so much more

This quick step by step training will help you uncover and clear the beliefs, so you can move forward in your life and relationships without tripping over the blocks.


Click here to watch the video and use it to help you release any bad memories, you’d like to clear.

Hit reply and let me know what memories are you releasing today. Its 100% confidential and I read and reply to every email.

All my love,


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