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How Low Self-Esteem Affects Our Relationships

Today on a blog we are talking about a question that came up lately on low self esteem and relationships.

Before we dive in to the video (which I recorded for you from the beautiful city of Venice), I want you to consider what does low self esteem truly represent?

I believe in many ways it has to do with your ability to love yourself on a different new level. Here is the truth:

Nobody and I mean NOBODY will love and appreciate you more than you love and appreciate yourself.

So if there is one thing you can take out of today’s blog, take that sentence. Copy it on the sticky note and place in a few places around the house.

Join in me in the video below and let tap in to the new ways of feeling about ourselfes, shalle we?

Prefer to read it? Here is the transcript of the video below:

Hey, Gorgeous.  Olga is here. Broadcasting from the beautiful city of Venice.  It’s going to be a really quick one. We’ll talk about low self-esteem and how it affects your relationships and two quick tips to release it or to avoid it.  We’re going to do a quick two-minute tapping. It’s going to be a really, really brief one because me and Ernie, we’re getting ready to have to go have some black ink squid pasta.  This is my third take of the video, so I’m going to make it quick.

What I’m hearing a lot in my community is something that has to do with low self-esteem in relationships.  I wanted to address and then talk about how it affects you and how to change it.  Low self-esteem will damage your relationship. It will attract people who do not match you and are not a good match for you and it will never feel good because you’re settling for something that’s not aligned with you, that’s not authentic with you.

If you are feeling this is something that you’re struggling with, stick around.  Let’s tap on it and let’s let it go. Before we start tapping, two quick things.

Number one, no one will love you more than you love yourself.  If you’re feeling that you’re not feeling good enough about yourself, you’re not loving yourself, guess what.  That’s the quality of relationship that you are entering with others as well. I think in our society, it’s very, very common to think, “Okay, they will love me.  He will love me.” This is the Cinderella mentality, right? Someone will come and rescue you from you. This will never happen. Go inside. Practice you. You teach you how to love yourself.  You teach you how to treat yourself. Go date yourself. Take yourself on a date.

This is practice that I had for over a year and I’m dating and I’m in a relationship and I’m getting ready to get married.  I’m still dating myself. It’s such a wonderful way to love yourself and to practice this habit.

The second thing.  If you’re struggling with low self-esteem, notice if you have what’s called either/or believe.  It’s a powerful mentality that has to do with always choosing either/or. Some people say, “Health or successful business.”  “Money or happy relationship.” Both. Always both. If you feel like you’re settling, if you feel like you’re entering the mediocrity agreement, back off.  It’s not going to work out and it’s a reflection of how you feel yourself. Go back to loving yourself and practicing this.

We’re going to do a quick round of tapping.  If you’ve never tapped before, just tag along.  It’s a lot of fun. We really will tap into this feeling – feeling is so much more powerful than thought – that’ I’m good enough, I’m deserving, I’m worthy and it’s okay to let go of everything else so I can attract healthy, wonderful, adventurous, connected relationships.  Ready? Let’s do this.

Go ahead and settle in your body.  Just kind of drop from your head into your body.  Take a deep breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. Just tap between the eyes and repeat after me.  Say, “I release and let go of the not good enough feeling. The worries, the low self-esteem, all the ways that I’m not respecting and treating myself right, all the ways that I’m not practicing what I want, it’s safe to let it go.  No more. All in the past. No longer real. No more either/or. No more choosing between two things. I want love and money. I was a successful business and stability. I want to be with a man who loves and respects me and who is financially intelligent.  Whatever it is, no more settling. It’s my time. I’m worthy and deserving of receiving love in abundance and it’s time for me to let go of everything else. I release and let it go. It’s safe to let it. Just let it go.”

Gorgeous, gorgeous.  Finish tapping and now grab your wrist.  Twist around, breathe in and breathe out.  

That was a super-quick round of tapping, but this is a great exercise, guys.  I recommend you tap. It’s a really good way to shift your feelings. It’s been scientifically proven and a very simple technique.  It really changes the way you feel and the way you feel is everything. It determines the quality of your life, the quality of your thoughts, the quality of your relationships.  Practice tapping. It’s wonderful.

If you like video, come join me at www.OlgaBochareva.com for more free videos, webinars and invites to my events.

Thank you, guys!  Love you and I’ll catch you in the next video.   Arrivederci!

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