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I got this question from one of the amazing ladies in our community. She mentioned that she just broke up with a guy she was dating for four month. Here is the story: even though she liked him if he liked her he couldn’t commit to some simple things like meeting her friends or spending the night at her place or calling her girlfriend.

And even though we LOGICALLY understand that we would not want to be with someone who does not want the same thing we do, EMOTIONALLY it’s never easy. 

There was something truly peculiar that I noticed she said: I feel like he didn’t do anything wrong but I still had to let him go. Or rather technically he didn’t do anything wrong, she said. 

That got me thinking…. 

Let’s talk about it for a moment…. On a surface level that could be true…  BUT if you dig a little bit deeper, you might discover some core believes that the starting to appear underneath this kind of behavior.

It essentially goes back to being congruent in your thoughts, words and actions.

Here is the truth:

Soooo many people say one thing and do another and think something else. This lack of alignment essentially represent a man’s character. Have you ever been with someone who just can’t keep his word? Or give the same promises over and over? Or can’t make any promise at all? Or {#brutallyhonest} have you noticed these traits in yourself?

I applaud that lady who made a decision she made:  to break up with someone who is not a good fit for her. So many of woman I know do settle for mediocrity or worse refuse to believe TRUE LOVE exist. 

I am here to tell you: It does. 

And no, you don’t need to 

  • ​shrink to less that who you truly are to get it
  • Settle for less
  • Sacrifice your happiness and piece
  • Sign up for drama
  • Pretend to be someone you are not. 

You CAN be (and please be) YOU. After all everybody else is taken. 

  • ​You can have soulful beautiful connection (even if all hope is lost).
  • You can find love again (even if you have not felt in love for a while, or ever)
  • You can create committed, loving and supportive relationships.
  • You can learn how to surrender to the magic of love.
  • You can design the type of relationships where 1+1 = 100

I’ve personally experienced it and helped many do the same. 

If you going, or went in the past through a similar scenarios of someone who could not commit and you also want to clear out anything and everything from your system, so the pattern does not repeat again, let’s tap together. 

It’s your time to let it go it’s your time to grow up and be happy

“He cares about me, but can’t commit: tapping into acceptance”  


All my love, 


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Can’t wait to help you tap into your best relationships yet 🙂

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