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A couple weeks ago, I reached out to my amazing community (you) and asked what you would like most to learn from me when it comes to clearing the debris of a toxic relationship. Whether you are getting over an ex, moving past an emotionally abusive marriage, or healing from an unhealthy series of partters, you are going to love this series.  

I received an overwhelming number of responses, women who are willing and ready to leave the past in the past. And this is exactly why I created the “Moving Past Toxic Relationships Series”. Over the next few weeks, you’ll receive four brand new videos from me with the tapping, resources, and insights to finally move on. You will create happiness on your own terms.

In today’s blog, video #1 of the series, I’ll share Four Things That Helped me Move Past a Toxic Relationship. Click the picture below to watch the video. Prefer to read on the blog? Just click here. (also an easy way to share on your FB page and with your friends).  

The bottom line is, I know the pain of someone who is trying to shake off an old pattern. It comes with doubts of whether or not a healthy relationship even exists (apart from movies and romantic songs). I’ve made it my life’s mission to help women understand that they CAN create happy, healthy, and connected relationships, even if they have NEVER experienced one before.

This is exactly why I’ve invited you to  a BRAND NEW Master class: “How to Move Past a Toxic Relationship”

Are you ready to release unhealthy relationship patterns? Inside this FREE Master class, I’ll show you the step-by-step process how I unlearned my patterns and attracted an amazing, loving, and mature life partner (and now husband).  

We’ll be going live on May 9, 2019 at 10.00 a.m. CST.  Save your seat here: https://www.olgabochareva.com/how-to-move-past-a-toxic-relationship-masterclass

See you then!

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P.S. Scrolled to the bottom? Here is the invite in a nutshell: “Are you ready to be in a happy and connected relationship? Inside this FREE Master class, I’ll show you exactly how to change unhealthy dating and relationship patterns, so you can create your own “happily ever after.”

Join us here : https://www.olgabochareva.com/how-to-move-past-a-toxic-relationship-masterclass

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