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If you are feeling unsupported by your husband, partner, parent or a friend, when it comes to pursuing your passion, today’s blog post is for you. I feel you, sister. I’ve been there.


The truth is For years I felt UNSUPPORTED in my life and biz.


I remember trying to CONVINCE my ex how much it means to me to go to Faster EFT seminars and continue my education toward becoming fully certified Faster EFt Practitioner. It was always a fight… So much resistance… So much anger.


I cried in the shower because I felt HOPELESS and HELPLESS. The feeling of stuck was soo strong, that I remember turning to alcohol and sleep medicine, just to get a temporary relief.


Unfortunately my former partner was not interested in growth, tapping or healthy communication. He was a good person, but not intelligent emotionally or financially (and unemployed for years during our marriage).


If you been following me for a while you know that that story has a good ending. And even though divorce was part of my journey, right now I am with someone who is fully supportive of my passion and often believes in my more that I believe in myself. Someone, who encourage me to move forward in my biz and cheering me on every step of the way.


If you are not there yet or even worse… May be you feel like “He will never change” or “That’s just as good as it gets”. If that’s you, join me in this tapping round. It’s s ok to let it go.


Look, relationships aren’t always easy. The good AND the bad ones always ask you to grow.


Tune in as we talk and tap about how to change this feeling here:

Feeling unsupported by your partner in following your your dream? Today we’ll tap it out!


I’ll share with you the questions you need to ask yourself, so you can stop worrying how to act, what to say, or even worse blaming yourself.

… If you have no idea how to feel supported in relationships…

… If you believe (or are afraid) you just a mess and it’s all your fault..

… If you feel like he will never change..


Do not miss this video. It might be the game changer.

All my love,







Is this your time to:

– restore your trust in man and love,

– resolve the stuck relationships and figure out what is your next step

– get clarity of what you really need AND learn to communicate it with ease to your partner

– feel more present, feminine, juicy and aligned in all your relationships.


If so, you might be ready for 1-1 coaching with me Just hit replay ( or send me an email to olga@mastertheartofchange.com) and let me know that you are interested in working with me.


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