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My clients often ask:

“Olga, you are asking me to accept things as they are. But does’t it contradict the very nature of wanting things to be different? Isn’t it settling?”

“How can I accept something that is unacceptable? This thing that happened to me, his behavior, that situation was not acceptable”

“ If I accept things about me/him, does not that mean that I’ll stay stuck and things will not change for me?”…

I hear you… this could be really frustrating to hear from someone “ you gotta first accept things as they are, in order for them to change”. If anything it, it appears to contradict itself. As a matter of fact, this is the biggest “contradiction’ within the Law of Attraction that people are having really hard time to understand.

But here is the truth: fighting reality, fighting what is, is the biggest catalyst for struggle ( not change). Buddha said best:

“The cause of all suffering is resistance to what is”

Let me ask you: what are YOU resisting? Remember, what you resist persists.

In the video below I explain the subtle difference between “settling” and “accepting” and offer an insight on how you can overcome the resistance to what is.

Hit reply and let me know what are your biggest insights from this video on setting, resistance and accepting.

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