Today on the blog we are talking about the fear of losing your freedom, when you get into a committed relationship. If you can resonate with that fear, you are not alone. I sure as hell had one too… due to my 10+ year relationship with a not very emotionally intelligent partner.

The good news: you can totally release it. But, wait there is more, you can also create a beautiful partnership with someone who is not only wont “steal” your freedom, but will enhance it.

Now, that I am with Ernie, my lifestyle is pretty darn close to the one of my dreams: I do the work I love, I travel on retreats (both alone and with him), I go on both solo and other date nights and he is my biggest fan and supporter when it comes to building my biz.

In other words, I still can do all the things I did when I was single, and more, as now I have a partner who got my back. Indeed Ernie said it best:


Now, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that it was not always the case. The truth is, in my first marriage, my ex was close to threatening me with divorce, when he found out that I am quitting my full time job and starting my biz, neither was he supportive of my Faster EFT journey.

So, if you’be been through a similar ordeal: when you opinion does not count and no matter how much you explain, convince or even demonstrate something that TRULY important to you, the old behaviors does not change.

Fear no more, today on the blog, we’ll tackle that one!


Today on the blog:

How to deal with the fear that committed relationship will take away your FREEDOM?

In this video, I’ll share what helped me (and many of my clients) overcome that fear and create a loving partnership filled with integrity, personal freedom and support.


In this video, you’ll learn:

– 3 Reasons why clearing this fear is important for creating a healthy relationship

– Why NOBODY can take away YOUR freedom

– Explore where is YOUR fear is coming from

– How to clear painful feelings of being controlled and manipulated, so it does not get carried into future relationships



As promised in the video, here is that link to grab the FREE training on ‘How to change bad memories/experiences with Faster EFT’. Its 100% FREE and I walk you there through the steps on clearing the unwanted memories {often} in the matter of minutes.

If you been tapping for awhile on your own and would like my help your love live, your timing could not been better. Let’s chat and determine if we are a good fit to work together, before the price increase next week.

Can’t wait to help you tap into your best relationship yet 

All my love,


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