In both relationships and your physical space strive to keep only what brings you joy.

Have you read the “Life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Condo yet? Right now I am re-listening to this book for at least 4th time around, as we are getting ready to move to a new house.

First time I read it was in 2016. The following year I got rid of 80% of all of my belongings and I went through a divorce. Only 6 months later I started dating and met a great man, who proposed a year after our first date.

Energetic, relationship and physical decluttering go hand in hand.

If you are working on manifesting a right for your partner, let’s start with an audit of your relationships.

Are you surrounded by people who bring you joy? Or do you constantly finding yourself in conflict, stress, and arguments?

Remember, you become an average of 5 people you most often associate yourself with.

People who add problems to your life (vs value) are also known as poisonous playmates or crazymakers, a term I first learned from Julia Cameron in “The Artist’s Way”.

Crazymakers are the type of people who LOVE to create drama. Everyone around them acts like a supporting cast. You know that type: charismatic, but out of control, long on problems, but short on solutions; they kind of blame you artfully, and it’s NEVER their fault.

Can you recognize this in anyone around you?

  • Crazymakers break deals and destroy schedules
  • Crazymakers expect special treatment
  • Crazymakers discount your reality
  • Crazymakers spend your time and money
  • Crazymakers triangle those they deal with
  • Crazymakers are expert blamers
  • Crazymakers create drama, but seldom where they belong
  • Crazymakers hate schedules, except their own
  • Crazymakers hate order
  • Crazymakers deny that they are Crazymakers

By now you are probably wondering if they are that CRAZY what are we doing being involved with them. The answer is simple: for us at times, it’s easier to get lost in the drama than look within.

If you are involved with a poisonous playmate, it is very important to start by admitting it.

Watch the video below to help you determine whether the people who surround you add value or take away energy and how to navigate your relationships with them.



Have you spotted someone in your life who’s energy is rather poisonous?


The bottom line, next time you catch yourself saying “He/she is driving me crazy!” Ask yourself, “What limiting belief of mine is this relationship supporting?”. As YOU change within, your relationship will naturally transform.

There are over 7 billion people on this planet. If people who surround you don’t love, support, or appreciate you, it’s ok to let them go. Once you’ve created the space, you’ll attract someone with better values who will.

Would you like my help in decluttering your relationships?

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Tap, breathe, be kind to yourself. Remember, you are loved.

Big hug,



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