I know it has been a while since I popped into your inbox…. September turned out to be a contemplation month. The truth is I’ve been contemplating the direction of my biz for a while.

If you are in a place where a lot of changes taking place in your life, keep on reading. My hope is that sharing my experience will help you get some insights into what’s true for you.

As you might have heard, about a year ago I started helping Ernie in his biz with a few marketing projects. Over time, my role in his business grew and transformed into what’s probably could be called his business manager. And we even no longer refer to his biz as “his”, but more as “ours” now. It turned out that working with my husband brings me a lot of joy. I love the role I play in our biz as well as applying and sharing marketing skills I’ve acquired in my business for over 7 years.

I also enjoy staying at home with my kids. I am not homeschooling them per se, but rather overlook their learning process, cook hot lunches, and just spend tons of time together. As one of my best friends said: “Kids grow very fast. Spending time with your family now is the best gift you can give them. If you can afford to work less and be with them now, go for it”. I can, and this feels very much in alignment with me greatly.

This past month, I tapped with my mentor, attended a meditation retreat, and had a private biz coaching session with Tash Corbin herself.

And clarity is starting to emerge… I still don’t have a 100% understanding of what is happening and why (and probably never will), but I am starting to hear that small, but wise voice inside that guided me through the changes before.

Here is what feels like “Hell yes!”:

  • Going on walks and bike rides daily (lately, I’ve been doing twice a day: one solo, one with my kiddos),
  • Working 20 – 23 hours a week max, going to monthly newsletter/blog (or biweekly one) vs weekly that I’ve been doing for many years,
  • Continue meeting monthly with my tapping practitioner. Let’s face it, 2020 has been one hell of a year. We all need a mentor to help us process changes,
  • Cooking plant-based homemade meals for my family at least 5 times a week (yep, keto is a thing of the past, I even deleted all my tapping weight loss/keto videos from youtube channel),
  • Continue supporting my amazing clients in our tapping sessions, but limit my private clients to 3-4 at a time as the most for 2020. (I do have one spot available at the moment, you can learn how we can work together here https://www.olgabochareva.com/work-with-me/)



What feels right for you now?

  • Is it taking a break from both online and offline dating and taking time to get to know you? (Hint: try “Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron if you have not yet),
  • Is it time to get an honest look at your relationship patterns and do some inner work to build a healthy foundation moving forward (“Tap into Love” – my 1-1 coaching program might be a good fit, you can learn more here https://www.olgabochareva.com/tap-into-love-method…),
  • Or maybe, you are interested in conscious dating and would like to take small inspired steps? (I personally know two women who met their new boyfriends this September, so, who knows?) If that’s you, I might be of service through my ‘Dating for Conscious Women’ 1-1 coaching service, here is the link to that offer https://www.olgabochareva.com/conscious-online-dat…

Not sure WHAT feels right to you? Or how to even know what feels right to you? I understand you very well…. But here are a few things that can help: sit in silence, get fresh air, move, do some tapping (alone or with a practitioner), talk to a conscious friend, do things that bring you joy. Trust the process, breath, be kind to yourself. We are in this together and we will make it.

Here are some of my favorite videos to help you align with yourself:

Video #62: Change = Death to our Subconscious Mind

Video #91: Tapping away the resistance to change

Video #158: Tapping on feelings of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty


Hit reply and let me know what feels like “HELL YES!” to you now (And remember, if it’s not a “hell yes!”, it’s a no).


All my love,


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