Some people collect spoons, others shoes or cars. I love collecting happy LOVE stories.

When we host dinner or meeting for a double date with friends, at some point the chat will go in a very specific direction. I will ask them how did you meet, what attracted you to each other, what was it like dating, and at what point did you know that you are meant for each other.

Now I’m sharing this passion of mine and the stories with you.

I {humbly} like to think of myself as an Oprah of Faster EFT.


My deepest desire, is that as you listen to the real life stories, they will inspire you. And, if you have not found love yet, you’ll say to yourself:


They have what I want, which is a proof that what I want exists. Therefore: I am next. Thank you, Universe!

Today, I want to introduce to you the very first episode of the brand new “Happy Ending” series.


Please welcome today’s guest, wonderful Ilka Oster, my amazing colleague, Advanced Faster EFT practitioner and Parenting Coach.

We had such an awesome conversation. In this interview we’ve covered:

– Faster EFT and how it saved Ilka’s 23 year old marriage

– Kids and divorce topic {and how to help with transition}

– Why working on YOUR stories will change things one why or another (saved Ilka’s marriage, but helped me find a new happy one)

– Faster EFT for parenting and more


Tune in, I know you’ll find this one super insightful and juicy!

{NEW Interview} Can Faster EFT save your MARRIAGE?


Ready for more?

To learn more about Ilka and the work she does, follow her here: https://www.facebook.com/theawakenedparent


What is your biggest RELATIONSHIP FEAR?

You see, everything that you’ve ever wanted in love, is on the other side of it.

For example, if you start dating again, yes you may get hurt


you may get EVERYTHING that you dreamed of in a man.


Let me know if that’s you:

– You want to release anxiety, fear, the unhealthy attachments and feeling of rejections.

– You also want clarity on your next step, learn how to date in the modern world and attract someone who is emotionally available, committed, conscious and easy to get along with.


I specialize in helping woman uncover their deepest limiting believes when it comes to love and release them with tapping.

To do this, I work with women 1-1 via my Signature VIP ‘Tap Into LOVE’ program: five month journey to come home to your most authentic self, and in the process, find true love.


It is the most comprehensive way I work with clients and it includes:

❤️ 10 Private coaching/tapping sessions to clear the deepest beliefs that keep you stuck and out of love

❤️ 6 on-demand video modules with the Core Lessons on how to Tap into Love

❤️ Email and messaging support during the entire program

❤️ 2×20 min ”Olga in a back pocket” emergency phone calls to troubleshoot a love/dating emergency.

❤️ Daily home cooked meals made by Olga and delivered straight to your door.


BONUS: My Master class taping library with 12+ classes and recordings

Your investment: $2000

Ready for the next step? Lets talk! Here is the link to apply for your




Can’t wait to help you tap into your best relationship yet!

All my love,



P.S. The home cooked meals was obviously a joke (sorry to disappoint 🤣). But, if ever get to visit Houston, Tx, I’d love to meet up. Just reach out and we’ll cook something up 😉.

P.S.S. If you apply for your free consult with me by the end of Friday, January the 31st, you can still take advantage of the current pricing (IF we decide that we are a good fit to work together, of course). Either way, let’s talk, so we can figure out the next step for you to get unstuck and move forward in you love life. Apply for your FREE consult here.

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