Being single has its perks. I remember being a single mom and part of me felt very liberating and very free because I can make all the decisions by myself. I have a lot of free time and I do not have to check with anyone on my schedule. Plus, studies shows, that  when you are single you are more likely to lose weight (for obvious reasons: so that you can attract a mate faster LOL).

But if you are anything like me you are the happiest in a committed relationship (most likely marriage). Scientific studies overwhelm us with the research how people who are in happy partnership thriving in more than one area of their life. Being happy at hope usually leads to more success at work and your biz (ask my hubby, he’ll testify that his revenue went up, since his personal life gotten in order).

I love having Ernie come home after work, us sitting down for dinner all together as a family. I love us playing games together, having family nights and of course I love our intimate time together with a glass of wine or a cuppa tea, just talking about life, watching a movie, going for a walk or playing tennis together.

If you are anything like me you desire  those things too. I want you to know that if this is what you want , it is possible for you.This is exactly why I created this video so if you been single for years and you are craving to create wonderful logging into much relationships watch the video below.


{NEW} Video #126: How to create a happy intimate relationship (even is you been single for years…)


I am on a mission to help woman just like you create a conscious, deep and fulfilling intimate relationship. If the pain of not having romantic love in your life is strong and no longer numbing, I’m here to help. Let’s talk. At the bottom of this page you’ll find the link to to book a free 30 consultation with me so we can figure out what’s the right next step for you.

Looking forward to talking to you soon!

All my love,


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