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We are officially into my favorite time of the year. Last night me and Ernie had our weekly “heart talk,” and he shared, that at this time, he feels good just about all the time (I guess it’s his favorite time of the year too :)). Thanksgiving was soo much fun; me and the kiddos set up the Christmas Tree, and we’re going to do some Christmas lights watching tonight here in Houston.

Its hard to believe that only 3 years ago I was a single mom, who had just gone through divorce. There were a lot of unknowns at that time, but I still remember, despite of my entire family living thousands of miles away, I was committed to have a great time during that time of the year. So, me and the girls spent Thanksgiving at the neighbors’ house and had a full house of guests for Christmas at our place.

People often ask me, how do I overcome the fear or change. My answer is: I actively deal with my resistance and fear of “what if things get worse.” If you are afraid to “rocking the boat” and facing similar monsters, read on… you are going to love today’s blog.

Today I want to address something that’s been popping up with a number of my clients (and women in my community a LOT)

* Are you resisting change (especially when it comes to your relationship)?
* Do you feel like you are sabotaging moving forward in your love life?
Maybe you are:
– procrastinating that important conversation,
– putting your love life on the back burner,
– avoiding facing some relationship fears,
– not taking inspired actions, or
– just living with the low grade pain (when you know it’s time to take charge of your life)
If that’s you, fear no more, resistance to change is a normal part of this journey.
Letting resistance drive the bus = not only staying stuck,
but also practicing what you DON’T WANT (thus attracting more of it to your life).
If you’ve been following me for a while, you must have seen me share this quote all over the internet like 100 times. Lol. But I’ll say it again:

“The only true currency is LOVE. You can always make more money. But one day you’ll wake up and realiz, that there is nothing you want more than growing in your ability to give and receive love with that special someone.”

Have you ever heard the old good advice “Feel the fear and do it anyway?” This video will help you implement this strategy. Let’s tap through this one together and get you moving forward!






If you’re looking to get unstuck and move forward in your love life, I’d love to support you. My availability to work with clients for the rest of 2019 is filling up fast, so if you’ve always wanted to get my eyes on your situation, listen up.

I can help you release subconscious love blocks and hold you accountable so that when 2020 comes around, you’re in a COMPLETELY new mind space.
I only have 1-2 private coaching spots open until the end of the year. 
These spots fill up quickly, as my client load is getting pretty full. If you want to discuss whether this would be a good fit for you, click here to learn more on how I help women find love, and book your FREE introductory consultation
This is our opportunity to get to know each other, so we can decide if working together is the next best step for you.
Can’t wait to help you tap into your best relationship yet.
All my love,

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