This Tuesday Vicky, my 6 year old daughter, found a set of laminated quotes I really like… She picked up one and read it to me:

“What other people think about you is none of your business”


Do you know what that means? I asked. Yes, she said…. and proceed to explain. Watch this 30 second video with her explanation here.

This is a hard lesson to learn…. In our society we tend to take things way too personally. And I am as guilty of this as much as you may be.


So often I hear my clients say:

“I can’t believe he treated me that way”
“How can he be so angry?”
“When he said that, it really hurt my feelings”


I get it. It’s easy to get affected by inconsiderate and harmful things others say. But if you can learn to not take things personally, it’s a sign of high emotional intelligence. Can you look within and ask: How is this an opportunity for ME to heal?

Taking things personally implies that it’s about us. It’s extremely easy to just assign a meaning to something that APPEARS to be directed toward you. But honestly, they don’t even really know you (no matter how close they are to you).


The only person who knows you, is YOU. The rest is the projection of somebody else’s reality, unhealed wounds and life experiences.

The bottom line: it’s not your job to change somebody else’s opinion about you (or the way they feel, act or react).

So, if somebody is angry – that’s their problem. BUT. If it bothers you that they are angry, it’s yours. This is exactly why I’m so passionate about Faster EFT, as it provides a clean and protocol to release our emotional triggers.


Taking full responsibility for how you feel is the biggest gift you can give yourself.

Once you do, give others an opportunity to heal at their own own pace. Send them love, peace and compassion. And let it go.

Watch the video below and tap along.




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All my love,


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