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BannerHi Lovely! Thanks for stopping by. I am so flattered you wanna learn a bit more about me.

I am a mamapreneur and Emotional Freedom Coach. If I am not with a client or blogging about my recent discovery in the world of Personal Transformation, you’ll find me on my backyard watching my 2 year old and 5 year old jumping on a trampoline.

You could also spot me in the Panera Bread sinking my teeth in the recent book on creativity, brain science or mindful marketing, dancing Zumba at the Gym, trying out Houston’s new restaurants with my bff (big hug to Jurga) or meditating by the ocean (Yes, I am that lucky: Gulf of Mexico is only 40 min away).

The 3 most terrifying things I’ve done in my life:

  • Presented with a talk  “How to use Mind-Body-Spirit Connection to help students succeed” in front of DeBakey HS faculty – my first attempt to get the world about LOA and EFT out there (How scary was that? Think: talking about sex in public)
  • Had unmedicated natural birth for my second daughter. (This was my #1 fear since I was 10 year’s old). Turned out to be the most beautiful experience of my life –peaceful, powerful and pain free.
  • Quit my full-time secure job in 2013 to go back to school and start my own biz, while raising an infant and a 3 year old.

Lesson: Facing your biggest fears brings you closer to your soul (and life of abundance and fulfillment)

More about my entrepreneurial journey.

Its all started started about 2 years ago. I still remember sleepless nights after having my second baby and crying a lot (well we both did). At that time I was a full time teacher and was planning on getting back to work after my maternity leave. Which meant: leaving my newborn with a babysitter. 

At that time felt no less then giving her up to an orphanage. Depression started crippling in. I felt stuck, cornered and guilty. I used EFT before to clear fear of public speaking and have unmedicated childbirth, so I knew that it worked. I was ready for a guide, so I hired an EFT practitioner.

All of a sudden I started questioning if going back full time is the right option for me. I found myself on an edge of a life making decision: leaving my full time teaching job (of 12 years) . I knew that I needed to create an income to supplement my husband’s salary.

about page1I was considering starting Math Tutoring biz. At that time the decision felt like “Jump and the net will appear”. Zero clients, zero income + no health insurance. The fact that hubby did only temp contract jobs at that time was not making the leap any easier.

Now, I am proud to say that I have thriving Business that fits my lifestyle. It turned out that Math + EFT = Top Performance. I was able to earn full time salary (working part time).

Most importantly, having a flexible schedule allowed me to spend more time with my girls (Sofi is 5 now, and Vicky is 2). I feel empowered, at peace, have more energy and time.

My relationships have improved on many levels and I am vibrantly healthy. Since then I’ve completed my EFT (Level 2) and Faster EFT (Level 3 ) Certification, presented at numerous seminars and featured as an EFT expert within Conscious Biz Design Program.

I have also coached over 100 people to help them release subconscious fears and limiting beliefs.  This is why I created “Master the Art of Change” – a site dedicated helping other women entrepreneurs to break through fears and emotional blocks so they can create life + biz they desire.

I am able to problem solve and motivate myself with ease. 

When I began working with Olga, I was full of an inner anxiety that made it difficult to be calm in life. I was verbally aggressive with my family at times, and I often hid from myself to avoid these difficult moments.  The results have been huge. You were the catalyst for my continuous growth both personally and in my biz. Clearing of my past trauma and anxiety allowed me to be more productive and free to move forward.  My old triggers are gone.  I have made more progress towards my goals of building a full satisfying life than I ever thought possible.  Even my children notice the difference. I am able to problem solve and motivate myself with ease. Olga is a great networker and a skilled coach. She opened a lot of doors for me that allowed me to built my own practice of helping other women feel free and empowered.

Trudy Scott

Faster EFT Practitioner, Oregon, USA


Six Year Old Headaches Gone after 30 Minute of Tapping

I would just like to thank-you again for the wonderful EFT experience I had in Aug at the seminar. I had been having weather induced headaches, since hurricane Ike.

These headaches had been getting worse and worse over the years and had escalated to migraine status. It was to the point when the weather was about to change I knew days in advance that it was going raining because of my headaches.

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When we started tapping my headache was a 10 and by the end of the tap it was down to a 2 within 30 min !!!




Best part: At any rate when I woke up the next morning, and the weather was still overcast/ cloudy, I did not have a headache. I have not had a headache since we have tapped (its been few weeks) and as I look outside at the clouds building I smile, sincerely thankful for the aid and the quickness at which relief came…. Take care of your self and find someone whom can help guide you to relief. Olga is a fantastic practitioner whom can help lead you to relief. She is kind, non-judgmental, and good at getting to the root of the problem so that healing can ensue. Update a year later: I am so great, I have to pinch my self to make sure that I am physically still here! I had a headache or 2 but it is different this time…. I believe that it is just part of my expansion this time, a growing pain and I am able to tap it out quickly.


Keri Swannie

Business Professional and Yoga Instructor, Houston TX

I work with inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to move from good to great.

My clients are biz coaches, mamapreneurs, yoga teaches, nutritionists, Ted Talk speakers, and heart centered professionals.

Faster EFT is my #1 tool in overcoming stress, fear and overwhelm. Tapping gave me emotional strength and resilience to move toward direction of my choice: Turning what I love in what I do and having a lifestyle to work less than 25 hours a week while having a full time job salary.

In our work together with my clients I help you reverse engineer your desires. We start by what you don’t want, identifying feelings, beliefs and memories that contribute to that. By using powerful tools within Faster EFT methodology we literally enter your eternal representation and release the resources you use to manifest your current results.

Faster EFT (Emotionally focused transformations) is a powerful methodology, originally developed by Robert G Smith. It is a collection of the most effective tools (EFT, NLP, hypnosis, etc.) for improving your life on multiple levels: mental, emotional and physical.

Based on the principles of both ancient acupressure and modern psychology tapping concentrates on specific meridian points while focusing on negative emotions and sensations to release it. It helps calm the nervous system to restore the balance of energy in the body and rewire brain to respond in healthy ways.

I’d love to help you experience emotional freedom that creates the lifestyle of your dreams.

Here is how we can work together to set you free.

I feel in control of my life, work and pregnancy now + severe Abdominal Pain is gone after just one session!

When I started working with Olga, I had several big things going on in my life: complications in a highly desired pregnancy, demanding job in the midst of nerve-racking layoffs and renovation projects around the house. I had a hard time staying clear-minded and emotionally stable to understand what should come first and how to balance the rest of the life load.  It wasn’t stress that was overwhelming but rather a view of life, full of fears and horror-painted “what if” scenarios that may unfold at any moment. What if I stay in pain for the next 5-6 months or my entire life? What if I fail to complete this monumental project at work, get fired as a result and won’t find a job?  What should I do if my pregnancy unexpectedly terminates?

A friend of mine recommended Olga and I gave it a try. Olga has a very calming, soothing voice and when you listen to it, you instantly become calm and your mind gets quieter too.  Tapping sessions were helpful in creating a positive outlook of your life, and by “positive” I mean being able to manage the life flow. Besides tapping exercises, Olga shared a number of methods that helped me concentrate on work and study, prioritize daily schedule, communicate with others, etc. She suggested some excellent books to read and sites to visit that helped me learn more about issues that I was facing, whether it was birth and delivery, infant care of newborn or being efficient at work without sacrificing personal time.

In summary, I feel more in control of various life situations when I get overwhelmed with bad news or begin to feel weak and powerless. I’ve also started seeing myself as stronger person who is able to notice more positive things in everyday life.


Violet N.

Public Relations Manager, Houston, TX



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