If I’d tell you that dating YOURSELF would help you bring in the love of your life, would you do it?

This one is a practice I started 3 years ago, when I was still single, but till this day I implement it almost weekly, even now, when I am married. I also highly recommend it to my clients (both single and in a relationship).

Dating yourself is an opportunity to connect with who you truly are, give yourself time and space to receive as well as a way to get out of the house and have fun.

In today’s video I’ll share 5 reasons why dating yourself is a game changer for your love life. But for now, let’s define a date with yourself.

In a nutshell, it’s very simple, and not all that different from other dates. Only two rules apply:

  • Only you and you allowed on a date (don’t take your girlfriends or kids)
  • Get out of the house.

Apart from that, let your imagination go wild. Here are just a few examples of dates I love:

  • Book + latte at Starbucks,
  • Window (or actual) shopping in a store where I can walk a lot,
  • A bike ride to the park,
  • A walk by the ocean,
  • Solo movie night out,
  • Coloring book + cuppa tea at the local
  • Long walk in the new neighborhood
  • Coffee in a lobby of a 4/5 star hotel + people watching
  • Antiquing (mostly window shopping, I like looking at them, not owning)
  • Solo visit to a museum


A few times a year, I myself on an extended date: 24 – 48 hours road trip or an outing. This weekend I stayed at a gorgeous Grand Tuscany Hotel here in Houston. Its a brand new , thus now very expensive yet (run me only about $100 back a night), 4 star hotel, that was screaming Olga. And, as a bonus, done almost A YEAR worth of big picture biz planning.


It was really great to change scenery, as well as get away from the family, the kitchen and the cooking. Huge thank you to Ernie for being super supportive and encouraging in this venture of mine.

Bottom line, if meeting a SOULMATE on your bucket list for 2020, start dating yourself now.



And here is the quick rundown of the reasons:

1. CONNECT and spend some time alone away from distractions: notice your thoughts and beliefs about yourself. If you are having hard time enjoying your own company, chances are you’ll struggle to have fun with others.

2. EXPLORE your city and have fun, discovering what YOU like and possibly find new hobbies. It’s a great opportunity to discover MORE of who you are and get to know yourself.

3. Practice FEELING SAFE and comfortable in social settings, where people are {and possibly meet the one} vs spending all your free evenings Netflix binging.

5. Exercise your RECEIVING muscle: can you give to yourself freely and receive freely, like taking yourself out to a nice restaurant. Remember we always teach others how we want to be treated.

6.Practice feeling ROMANTIC and do something flirty and feminine, just for fun: put on red lipstick, high heels, pretty lingerie or dance and sing. Wanna attract a deep, conscious man? Strong healthy masculine energy is attracted to the feminine one.

Have you been dating yourself lately?Or are you planning a date now?

Jump in to out “Tap into your best Relationship” community to share with #dateyourself to inspire us.


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