Before we dive into today’s blog and video I have a quick personal story, I want to let you in on:

I know I shared quite a bit with you about my former marriage and my ex… what I have not shared, is the fact that my ex husband has done some HORRIBLE things …

The year we got divorced, he had broken into my house, trespassed on my property and had stolen from me. MULTIPLE TIMES. Despite the fact that I filed a police report, there was not enough evidence, so I had to let it go.

All of this was going on while I was trying to raise two little kids, run a business and just keep my life from falling apart…

The reason why I am talking about this NOW is that I just recently realized that I have a nearly zero emotional reaction thinking about those pretty scary things that took place in my past.

I am not triggered, upset or bothered by that and I believe this is one of the biggest gifts that I now have a responsibility to share with others: how to heal past traumatic memories and experiences.

It hit me when I was watching another coach sharing her personal story of a bad divorce from many years ago, and I could tell: she still has an open wound there…


Robert G Smith said it best:

“Memories buried alive NEVER DIE, they just come back in a different pair of shoes usually bigger and uglier ones”


I can honestly tell you that if not for Faster EFT, I would probably completely break down back then…

Instead, that same year of 2017, I’ve lost 30 lb, went back to dating and met an amazing guy, I am honored to call my husband now.

I often get asked: How were you able to get your life back on track after such a TRAUMATIC DIVORCE ?

This is exactly why I’ve created this mini tapping training: to share how to heal after bad break up/divorce, through changing memories, so that you can get your life back and create a happier and healthier relationship moving forward.


If you have not grabbed your copy yet, here is the link to get it.

FREE Training: How to Change Hurtful Memories with Tapping

Watch the video in the training, and follow the steps. It’s pretty self explanatory and straight forward. I honestly desire that all people acquire the skill of being able to change the bad memories.



And now on to this week’s blog: 4 things I recommend my clients to do before going back to dating”

Today’s video was inspired by a conversation I had with a client. As we were working through some fears, limiting beliefs and blocks, she has naturally started to notice that men are starting to appear in her life.

This one was recorded over a year ago, but i never really got a chance to share with you, my gorgeous email subscribers. So, today is the day 🙂

In the video I am sharing a few things that will help you prepare for the kind of dating that brings joy vs headaches and heartaches.


In this video:

  • Why your mindset determines 80% of your dating experiences
  • Why decluttering on many levels (physical, emotional and time wise) will create space for love in your life
  • What is ‘practice dating’ and how it will help you feel more comfortable and confident on an actual date with a man.
  • What is a ‘rejection game’ {it’s not what you think} and how playing it will help you develop both resilience in love and life AND attract higher quality partners.


Watch the 7 min video below and hit reply to let me know which one out of the 4 tips resonated with you most (and you will implement moving forward).

4 things I recommend you do before going back to dating



I am cooking up a NEW juicy FREE webinar “Dating for conscious woman in the modern world” 

Are you currently dating or about to take a step in that direction? If yes, please reply and let me know:

“What is your biggest CHALLENGE when it comes to DATING or starting the dating journey?”

Thank you so much in advance for your response, I would love for that webinar to be as helpful as possible for YOU and the kind of challenges you are facing.


All my love,


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P.S.S. Did you know that I have a FREE Facebook group: “Tap in to Your Best Relationships”. If you’re not a part of this amazing community of conscious and supportive women I would love for you to join, if you have not yet. It’s a great place to get additional support from me on your dating and relationship journey. Here is that link again.

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