When we step on a dating/relationship journey, many of our fears and triggers get amplified.

“Will he like me, if I show up as I am?”

“How do I deal with the fear of rejection (and shutting down my heart)?”

“I want to meet new people and find “the one”, but I do NOT want to get hurt again… “

I follow many relationship coaches and experts, and even though their advice is often solid and helpful, the key is STILL in changing your SUBCONSCIOUS references.

Faster EFT/tapping helps us with getting our own emotional state sorted out, so that we can show up and explore relationships with less fear and more joy and ease. In the 6 min video you will learn how.

In today we’ll cover:

  • Why if you are dating now, you need to start tapping
  • How to use tapping to release ANXIETY and RESISTANCE both before the date and on an actual date
  • What does it mean “to CLEAN your side of the road” (so that you can attract the right kind of partner)
  • How to get the Law of Attraction work in your favor when it comes to dating.

4 Reasons why Faster EFT works for DATING and Relationships



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  • Are you ready to attract a partner who is aligned with your VALUES (without having to go on endless dates) ?
  • Is this your time for CO-CREATIVE vs CO- DEPENDENT relationship?
  • Are you DONE attracting guys who are UNAVAILIBLE (emotionally or otherwise)?

If yes, lets help you build a strong and healthy foundation for a successful relationship (or get clarity in a current one).

If you are ready to call in a CONSCIOUS man (even after painful break up or divorce) who matches your ability to give and receive love, join me for the FREE webinar next week: “Dating for Conscious Women in modern world”


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