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I am sooo very excited to share a BRAND NEW video series on subconscious blocks to love. For the next 4 weeks, you’ll get a new video from me with tapping and coaching insights to help you understand the hidden reasons why women stay single and out of love. The introduction video and the first block video are ready below.  

So often I get asked, “Olga, where can I met a high-quality man?” It’s as if there’s a hidden place where all the best guys are hiding out. My response is, “Great guys are everywhere.” It’s HOW to attract, notice, and pick them that matters. More often than not, it’s our limiting beliefs and fears that keep us stuck and blind. 

I know you’ve heard me say it dozens of times, but I’ll keep repeating it until it sinks in (I know it took me a while…): 

As you change within, your relationships transform

Today, we’ll take the first step to search within, to bring these beliefs out in the open, and to release them. Click below to watch the first video of the series “Block #1: Feeling “Not Good Enough” 

In this video you’ll learn: 

  • What “limiting beliefs” and {most importantly} how to spot them. 
  • How to recognize “red flags” from your subconscious that you’ve formed a block (and how to release it)
  • Common symptoms of how the “not good enough” is masquerading itself (Hint: “I am not worthy,” “I don’t deserve to be loved,” or “I need to do (be) something before I can receive it”) 
  • How this belief affects/spills into every area of our lives and affects us on many levels 
  • Tapping round of clearing the toxic “Not good enough belief” 

Block #1: Feeling “I am not good enough”

Click the image to play the video

Remember, you’ll get the most out of this video series if you take actions. Comment below the video of the page.

What is your personal version of the “not good enough syndrome?” 

So we all can cheer you up and support in clearing. This community is an amazing community of conscious, heart-centered women, and we are here to encourage and lift you up. 


Can’t wait to help you tap into your best relationship ever!  

All my love, 


P.S. Do you have a friend who would benefit from this series? Use the link below to send them an invite to join. The more, the merrier! Use this link to invite her so she can receive all 4 videos straight in her inbox. https://olgabochareva.com/limiting-beliefs

P.P.S.  Did you know I have a FREE private FB group? It’s called Tap into your Best Relationships, and I am there daily to help women do just that. You can join us herehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/EmotionallyResilientEntreprenure/ 

It’s a great place to “join me” on my fun trip to Russia, where I’m currently vacationing. I promise to share lots of pictures 🙂


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