Today my kiddos went back to school. Sofi is a 4th grader now and Vicky went to 1st grade this year (can you believe it?). Time sure flies.They seemed to be happy and content to go back and we chatted a bit as we walked to school today together.

As I was walking back from dropping them off I was thinking that the woman who come to me will fall into one of the three “stages” of relationships healing. So, today I wanted to help you understand that journey a bit more. Welcome to the Relationships stages series! In this series I wanted to talk to you about the main stages my clients are going through on the way of finding true love and how you can use this information to help you create healthy and loving relationships.


If you ever followed psychology or therapy types of blogs, you might have heard of this “classic” classification of stages of love:


Stage 1: The Honey Moon Period (High on hormones, “easy” loving)


Stage 2: The Individuation stage (Getting to know each other, high divorce rate)


Stage 3: Mature love (Worked through major obstacles, {mostly} stable and happy loving)


This is not where I am taking you today. I want to take you deeper and give you a more wider perspective, based on my own journey, as well as many woman I had a privilege to work with.

As mentioned, I have noticed that my clients will fall into one of the 3 Categories one way or the other. Now, this is not a linear process and yes, people often (almost always) will go between the stages in their life.



By Olga Bochareva


1. The Healing Stage


2. The Dating Stage


3. The Couples stage


STAGE 1: Today we’ll talk about THE HEALING STAGE

This is the stage when we realize that we are not happy with where we are. You can be either single or married. The key is: you are starting to actively look for help and change something within (or without, like going through divorce). This is often the time, where women will tell me: I just want to take time for myself, heal and learn ME. You can also perceive it as: I am not ready for relationships now, or its just not a high priority.

This time is actually could be truly beautiful, as its a good opportunity to go within and discover some limiting beliefs, that you are ready to reveal and release. Working with a professional Faster EFT practitioner might be helpful, as they can speed up the recovery process and help you find the way home faster. When in this stage, you may or may not be seeing yourself going back to dating at some point. There is no right or wrong way here. If you identify with these stage,


Here are some great resources to help you out when you are in this stage:


  • Practice gratitude, this is one of the most potent and magnifying forces in the Universe. Make a list of 10 (or 100) things you are grateful for. And repeat this practice regularly. Here is a video of my “100 things I am grateful for” to get your creative juices flowing.


  • Do you find constantly comparing yourself to others or thinking you are not where you “should” be in your life yet? Let’s clear the comparasitis once and for all, so you can find your own uniqueness and fall in love with yourself, just as you are, knowing that there is nothing you need to change.




WARNINGDo not get stuck in the Healing stage! {this is only for those of you who WANT to be in loving intimate relationships after all, if this is not something you see in your cards, ignore this one} So many women will come to me for help to find love and then will talk themselves out of taking action, because they “need more time to heal”.

Now, I am not saying ‘don’t take your time’, and I understand that different people will need different period of time to move on. All I am saying, don’t put yourself in an isolation cell, just because you think that you are not just 100% perfect yet. #truthbomb: you never will, so fall in love with your perfect imperfections. This is talking from an experience: sometimes being with another loving human being is the BEST catalyst for change. Often all it takes, is him looking into your eyes and you feeling the way he sees you: perfect, beautiful and inspiring.

Next time I’ll take you through some characteristics of “The dating stage”, what to look out for and my best dating advice. For now, I’d love to hear from you:


What stage do you think you are at? Do you have any questions for me about the stages? Hit reply and let me know. Nothing is off limits and I always LOVE hearing from you.

All my love,


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