After 50+ years of learning and teaching everything about creating lasting love life, I came to discover that THE secret sauce to meaningful romantic relationship is discovering and practicing your CREATIVITY.
~ Gay Hendrix, Author of “The Big Leap” and “Conscious Loving”


Today I wanted to talk to you about why Creativity is important for you love life (well apart from Gay Hendrix mentioned above LOL).

Simply put, your ability to create is deeply connected to your ability to both express yourself, and to just be happy. As I look around, I find it over and over again, that the most connected and successful couples have a creative outlet.

They may be practicing it apart or together, but it’s a crucial part of their life that they make time and space for. It could be theater, dancing, writing, paining, singing, gardening, ect. But they make it a priority and I watch their love life flourish.


Now, when I talk about art, I refer to a very wide meaning of this word.

For example:

My art is the one of relationships and personal transformation. 

My canva is humans mind and my brush is tapping.
~ Olga Bochareva


What is your art? Hit reply and let me know.

I encourage you to practice it often (even if you start with just few minutes a day). Not sure, what it is? Brilliant book by Julia Cameron, The Artists Way will help you discover it.

By the way, if you’ve missed my last week’s email, I’ll be facilitation Tap into Your creativity Course based on the book soonYou can learn all the details about the course here.


Here is the list of what most people get out of the journey within to discover their inner genius:

  • Confidence in themselves and deeper connection to who they truly are
  • A clear step by step process to discover your innate gifts and genius
  • Acceptance of yourself fully and completely
  • Ability to release toxic people and influences from your life
  • Permission to act on their dreams and allow them to come true with ease
  • Realization that creativity is your gift from God and practicing it is your gift back


In the video below, I share 3 reasons why CREATIVITY is sooo good for your relationships


Apart from creating a beautiful relationship, tapping into my zone of genius also allowed me to create:

  1. 130 + plus tapping videos on utube (with over 20,000 views) in the last 5 years alone.
  2. An amazing online community with over 800 people on my email list and Facebook group.
  3. Created and run over 30 different tapping Masterclasses and presentations.
  4. Recorded and run 4 different tapping challenges
  5. Created 3 different group signature tapping programs
  6. Created more than one profitable business doing what I love
  7. And finally the one I am most proud of: attracted a co-creative relationship with an amazing, deep and supportive man, who I am honored to call my husband now.


So, I may not be a creative in a classic sense of it, but I sure have flexed my creative muscle in more and now I am happy than one way, and now happy to help you flex yours.

If you are on the journey of deeper self discovery, self connection, designing co-creative relationships, as well as understanding your gifts and purpose, I’d love to invite you to join us for the “Tap into your Creativity” Artists Way course.

Learn more about the Tap into your creativity course here.


The course starts mid September, we’ll go for 12 weeks with few breaks for holidays as well as to integrate and catch up.We’ll meet once a week for a LIVE tapping call to work through any blocks, fears or anything else coming up in your life.

NOTE: Do not worry about live call time, I am keeping this group small for a reason (10 spots total, 7 places already taken), we’ll find a convenient time for EVERYONE to meet. Plus, if you are not able to attend, we’ll have a recording available for replay.


So, if this sounds like just the kind of support and direction you’ve been looking for, I’d love for you to join us!

Any questions, hit reply and let me know!!

All my love,


P.S. Scrolled to the bottom? Here is the short version: Faster EFT + Artists Way = PURE MAGIC for both your personal and biz life. I’ll be leading the LIVE Artists Way course this September and would love for you to join. Registration closes next week on Friday or until all places are filled (Total 10 places, 3 more still available). Click here to learn more about the course and register.

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